Mechanic Mechanic Master Skill Guide, Deciphering the Secrets of Mechanical Crafts (Mechanic Mechanic Master Skill Overview, Achieve the Expert of Agile Fingers)

In the game Identity V, the Mechanic profession has a skill called Mechanic Mas

In the game Identity V, the Mechanic profession has a skill called Mechanic Master, which allows players to decipher the secrets of mechanical crafts. Many players may not be familiar with this skill, so let me introduce you to the Mechanic Mechanic Master skill guide. If you are interested, please read on.

1. Mechanical Manipulation: The Mechanic carries a toolbox and can operate puppets to move around. The puppets can be dismantled, but the player character cannot be used. The puppets cannot rescue survivors and can only passively take hits.

2. Console Control: The Mechanic can activate a console, but the puppets cannot use it. After activating the console, the puppets need to be used to activate the console, and then the console can be opened. The puppets cannot move while they are being used to activate the console.

3. Tentacle: The Mechanic can use a skateboard to quickly escape from the Hunter and interact with objects.

4. Teleport: The Mechanic can choose a location to release a teleportation from the puppets. When the puppets are present in the scene, they will automatically search for nearby survivors.

5. Wanted Order: The Mechanic has a high level of intuition and perceptiveness, increasing the decoding speed of cipher machines by 10%.

6. Abnormal: The Mechanic can unlock a new skill called “Abnormal”, which consumes additional stamina when using skills and reduces the duration of footprints.

Mechanic Mechanic Master Skill Overview, Achieve the Expert of Agile Fingers

In the game Identity V, players need to achieve the achievement of “Unlocking all 4 Mecha” to obtain this achievement.

The gameplay is very simple. Players need to control their characters to move, shoot, or launch bombs and continuously move forward on the screen.

During the movement, players will encounter enemies and monsters. Players need to continuously avoid them.

When players reach a certain height, a new mechanism will be triggered and players need to change their positions by moving around.

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