Fantastic and Crazy Shaman’s Journey (The Adventures of the Lost Shaman in the Wilderness)

Fantastic and Crazy Shaman\’s Journey (The Adventures of the Lost Shaman in the W

Fantastic and Crazy Shaman’s Journey (The Adventures of the Lost Shaman in the Wilderness) is a new game filled with adventure and puzzle elements. There are many storylines waiting for you to explore. The plot here is very exciting, and there are many Easter eggs to be found. If you want to play this game well, be sure to read the content below!

In “Chapter One: The Adventures of the Lost Shaman,” you will see a map with a blue cursor in Volume 2. The map depicts the protagonist, “Amu,” and her companions exploring a mysterious forest. In this map, you will play as an ordinary Shaman warrior who wields a spear as a weapon, a longbow, and wears heavy armor, a cloak, and chainmail. As the first generation Shaman warrior, “Amu” has high attack and agility, and she possesses powerful physical damage abilities. Therefore, we must utilize her high defense and evasion values to protect herself.

Although “Amu” does not have formidable magical attack abilities, she can assist herself in battle through her own strength. She can not only use her exclusive skills, but also use thunder attacks against enemies. Her Thunderous Wrath can cause area damage to all surrounding enemy units, making her very formidable in the early stages. Of course, if you have patience, you can also use other professions to replace her output.

When the player reaches level 25, we will unlock the first side quest, “Varank Karad.” Completing this side quest will unlock a whole new storyline. Throughout the main storyline, you can rescue trapped villagers, collect various items for upgrading, learn new knowledge, and more. After these content, players will unlock more gameplay about the new world.

In “Volume Three: The Adventures of the Lost Shaman in the Wilderness,” you will encounter a Storm Shaman from a foreign land named “Dabolo” (original name: Poli). She is a spirited and fun-loving girl character. Her identity is a young Shaman priestess. She likes to listen to songs and often encounters fairies on the battlefield, such as the Dark Knight member Margaret (A.Kán) and the Gilneas Priestess Igomina (C.O.L).

In the game, you will encounter humanoid NPCs with unique qualities called Stone Giants (Gv.E.D). These NPCs not only provide attribute bonuses to players, but also influence your characters, and they provide various special abilities. When you encounter a mysterious place in the game, which is the Shaman Temple, you can experience many storylines here.

The Adventures of the Crazy Shaman in the Wilderness

“The Adventures of the Crazy Shaman in the Wilderness” is the world’s first adventure game themed on magic, and it has been warmly welcomed by many players. However, due to significant issues in the plot, many novice players are not very familiar with this game. Today, I will bring you a guide.

“The Lost Wilderness” is a recent interesting and innovative video short film. In this video, we will see a new character called “Sakry,” a Shaman explorer, in a new roleplay called “Desert Storm.”

The “Shaman” is a race full of wisdom and courage. His parents are stray cats, and he was a beloved little boy when he was born. He likes to cook with tree leaves and often goes to the mountains to look at seaweed. There are even many cute things. But all of this needs him to discover on his own.

The “Tribal Warrior” is a profession skilled in melee combat. He can fight with dual axes and use bows and arrows for shooting, although he is very afraid of long-range damage from enemies. However, his most annoying aspect is that if he encounters powerful enemies or traps or mechanisms, he may not be able to escape.

The “Tribal Mage” is a profession skilled in healing and support. He can cast various magic spells, but at the same time, he needs a certain defense ability because he is very afraid of fire.

When players enter the game, they will see two building-like structures appearing on the map, one called the Altar (TheFeerfes) and the other is the Temple.

In the temple, players can pick up some materials and items, which are placed on the ground. Although these supplies are not considered good things, there is a sculpture next to them. Players can hang them on it.

When the player approaches the sculpture, the sculpture will turn into a red icon from the ground, indicating that the sculpture can be removed. So what players need to do is collect more wood and find these plants and plant them so that they can bring these materials back to their homes.

In addition, there are several places on the map that players can explore, such as the skating rink in the snowy area, or the swamp area.

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