Netting Zuma: Challenging Difficulty, Unmatched Temple! (Sliding Thinking, Dazzling Zuma: Breaking Tradition, Opening Endless Fun!)

Netting Zuma: Challenging Difficulty, Unmatched Temple! (Sliding Thinking, Dazz

Netting Zuma: Challenging Difficulty, Unmatched Temple! (Sliding Thinking, Dazzling Zuma: Breaking Tradition, Opening Endless Fun!) Netting Zuma: Challenging Difficulty, Unmatched Temple!

“Netting Zuma” is a very fun puzzle game. In this game, players can experience various interesting content. In the game, players can have lots of fun and joy, continuously collect various gems, and improve their level by eliminating these gems to achieve higher scores.

This game is very simple to play, just click the screen to move. Players can also continuously eliminate gems to improve their experience in this game, so as to obtain more rewards. There are also many options available on the game interface, such as selecting the number of gems to eliminate and the obstacles that can be eliminated, which are very practical. Players can make choices according to their own ideas.

In addition, there are many tasks on the game interface that players need to complete. Players can obtain corresponding rewards by challenging tasks of different difficulties. However, there are quite a lot of tasks in this game, so players must challenge them in different modes. For example, the difficulty of the game is very high, so players should try to complete different modes as much as possible in order to get more points.

Sliding thinking, dazzling Zuma: Breaking tradition, opening endless fun!

In classic games, there is such a saying: to play a good mobile game, you must be familiar with its rules. In the case of Zuma, the traditional gameplay of traditional games is no longer enough. As a mobile game focused on elimination, Zuma is more diverse in the fun of the game compared to ordinary mobile games.

Based on traditional Zuma, the operation of Zuma is also very different from traditional Zuma games. Zuma uses a joystick to control the player’s movement, while Zuma is more similar to other types of mobile games. Various colored circles with different colors will appear above the screen during the player’s movement, and colorful squares will continue to jump on the screen during elimination. Players can click on the squares on the screen to eliminate them, and these squares will automatically disappear after a period of time. Players need to click the screen again to restore the squares to their original state. Players just need to keep tapping the screen to eliminate them all.

In dazzling Zuma, the character controlled by the player is the most flexible one in Zuma. Players can use both hands or three fingers to perform finger-swipe operations. In Zuma, some blue and yellow squares will appear below the screen, and in the middle of these squares, there is a small ball shape. The yellow square is the most basic square in Zuma. Players can click on this yellow square to eliminate it. However, during the game, players can also move by clicking the buttons on the left and right sides of the screen.

As a simple game, Zuma has added some new elements based on traditional Zuma. For example, in the levels of Zuma, a rotating carousel has been added. Many red and black squares will appear on this rotating carousel. If these squares touch each other, they will automatically fall to the ground. Players can use this rotating carousel to jump and move. In addition, players can also click anywhere on the screen to jump in Zuma. Players can also slide in Zuma, and they can also switch modes. After switching back to normal mode, players can click on the white icon on the screen to split.

The overall operation and gameplay of Zuma are very simple, but in the game, if players want to score high, they need to constantly challenge the limits of Zuma. Players need to constantly challenge their own limits in this game. In addition to the classic Zuma, there is also a special one, and it has added some new elements, such as many new things in Zuma.

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