Brainstorming Crazy Guessing Game, Dare to Challenge? (Unveiling the rules of the crazy guessing game, boosting your IQ!)

Brainstorming Crazy Guessing Game, Dare to Challenge? (Unveiling the rules of th

Brainstorming Crazy Guessing Game, Dare to Challenge? (Unveiling the rules of the crazy guessing game, boosting your IQ!) Have you dared to challenge the brainstorming crazy guessing game? Today, let me introduce you to a very interesting game – “Brainstorming Crazy Guessing Game”. The gameplay is simple, as long as you answer the questions correctly, you will receive corresponding rewards. Now let’s take a look at the rules of this game.

Level One: Can anyone guess its name? The answer is “No”.

Level Two: Who can guess the correct name in the question? The answer is A, “Avatar”.

Level Three: When answering the questions, you need to use your intelligence to tell your teammates the answer. The answer is B, “Chakra”.

Level Four: How many points will you get after answering all the questions? The answer is 15 points!

Level Five: If a player answers 10 consecutive questions, after the round ends, they will randomly choose one of the following three options as the correct answer:

a. No time limit;

b. No items to sell for money;

c. No invincible time limit;

d. No time limit;

e. There are two options, “C” and “D”. If you answer incorrectly, the person’s head will disappear, so don’t think about this “C”;

f. You can’t use any props. The answer is B, “Chakra”. (Note: Double-click to switch to other entries)

Level Six: If you answer correctly 10 times and get 20 stars, the difficulty of the next question will increase! The answer is B, “Chakra” (Correct).

Unveiling the rules of the crazy guessing game, boosting your IQ!

Crazy Guessing Game is a fun quiz game launched by Tencent. Players can earn a lot of rewards by answering questions in the game. However, many players don’t know how to choose the correct answers. Now let me reveal some tips for you in this “Crazy Guessing Game” guide!

Game Rules of “Crazy Guessing Game”:

1. Can be played three times a day;

2. Each player has 3 options to choose from;

3. Before the game starts, players can randomly select 1-5 questions and start answering;

4. Each question has only one correct answer, and the game ends directly if answered incorrectly.

[Game Rules]

1. After entering the game, the system will randomly give out questions. If the player answers correctly, the system will automatically give you the correct answer!

2. When the player completes all the questions, the game will automatically exit!

3. During the game, the player can click the screen to proceed to the next round of questions.

4. After each round of the game, players will receive corresponding points rewards.

5. When answering each round correctly, each player has one free card-flipping opportunity.

6. Every once in a while, a new batch of questions will be refreshed for you to choose!

7. At the end of each round game, a score will be given based on the number of questions answered correctly by the player.

8. During the game, each player can use the QR code scanning function!

9. From Wednesday to Sunday night at 10:30, the daily quiz gameplay will be launched separately;

10. From Thursday to Saturday night from 20:00 to 22:00, daily rankings activities will be launched respectively.

11. On Sunday night at 21:00, a lucky grand prize will be given to all players who have participated in this activity, and the rewards will be distributed at 24:00 that day.

12. During the game, when the player answers the number of questions required for a round, the system will prompt “Your score has reached 150 times the expected score”.

13. Players who answer a certain number of questions correctly will receive additional rewards: 1000 coins and 100 experience points.

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