Pacific Warpower Showcase: Analysis of the Powerful Shinano (Best Weapon for Pacific War)

Naval Finger Pacific Shinano: Showcasing the pinnacle of power (Shinano Power A

Naval Finger Pacific Shinano: Showcasing the pinnacle of power (Shinano Power Analysis: The Best Weapon for Pacific War) “Naval Finger Pacific”, developed by NetEase, is a large-scale 3D sandbox mobile game that combines strategy development and real-time naval battles. It combines classic battleships and cruisers, integrating RPG elements, allowing players to fully enjoy the fun of this large-world naval online game on their mobile phones.

As an S-class destroyer with super high popularity, Shinano has become the favorite of many navy fans in real life because of its strong performance. In the game, players will engage in battles by choosing different ships and upgrading them to obtain more powerful combat capabilities. Players can also adjust their fleet strength before battles, greatly enhancing their combat effectiveness.

Shinano’s skills: [Fire Suppression]: Each time the skill is used, it gains 1 layer of shield, which can reduce the fleet’s armor while the shield is active. When the shield is broken, it causes damage to the fleet; [Anti-Air Commander] and [Reloading Accelerator]: Every certain period of time, an air missile will be launched to bombard the enemy in front, causing a significant amount of damage; [Torpedo Attacker] and [Lightning Hunter]: Torpedoes can attack enemy destroyers and cruisers, causing additional damage. Shinano’s exclusive weapon skill “Bomber” adds an escort ship skill to the entire army, which can decrease the enemy’s hit rate and avoid damage from enemy ships. When there are two or more aircraft carriers in the fleet, Shinano provides a substantial firepower support. In battles, this skill can bring great advantages to our fleet.

Analysis of Shinano’s Power: The Best Weapon for Conquering the Pacific

On the 18th of this month, Shinano’s weapon rating is 3 stars. Although its attributes and skills are outstanding, it still has some disadvantages in actual combat due to its relatively low damage. Therefore, when playing, we can choose firearms with high penetration to counter the enemy, while firearms with high burst damage can compensate for the shortcomings with their faster rate of fire.

First, let’s talk about the “F2000” series rifle! It has a tremendous power, a large magazine capacity, and can be equipped with four bullets, allowing this red-glowing sniper rifle to unleash a strong suppressive firepower, making it a frontline assault artifact with powerful killing ability and sustained output capability.

Secondly, when using this weapon, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Due to the limited bullet capacity of this gun, we should try to choose rifles that can provide sustained output and have sufficient range for attack.

2. When engaged in close combat, try not to use it as the main weapon easily.

3. When facing long-range opponents, it is advisable to choose rifles with smaller spread that can effectively hit the enemy.

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