League of Legends MSI: The Glorious Stage of Global Peak Confrontation (Exploring the Fierce Competition Between Teams)

League of Legends MSI: The Glorious Stage of Global Peak Confrontation (Explorin

League of Legends MSI: The Glorious Stage of Global Peak Confrontation (Exploring the Fierce Competition Between Teams) The group stage of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational began on November 12th, bringing with it many exciting matches. Now let me introduce to you the League of Legends MBP: the glorious stage of the global peak confrontation.

League of Legends Cup (LOL): A Fierce Competition Between the World’s Top Teams!

1. The Grand Finals of the 2021 International Invitational will be held on November 12th, Beijing time. This World Championship will adopt a single elimination format, while the Grand Finals will have a BO5 double round-robin match.

2. The 2021 LPL Spring Split playoffs will start in January 2022. This tournament will use a BO6 double elimination format, and the ultimate winner will receive a huge reward of 1 million yuan as the grand prize for the 2022 International Invitational.

3. The schedule of this round of matches is divided into two stages: the regular season and the semifinals. The regular season lasts for four days, while the semifinals last for eight days. The regular season consists of 8 BO2 single round-robin matches, and the semifinals consist of 10 BO7 single round-robin matches. Finally, the 16 strongest teams will compete for the championship award of this Autumn Split.

4. This competition will adopt a double elimination format.

5. The preseason will be held in early December. At the same time, we have prepared a brand new journey of advancement for summoners to challenge. They are the representatives of eight different countries:

【China】T1, RNG, EDG, HLE, FPX, DK, LCK, C9. They will ascend to the stage of the League of Legends mobile game global finals at the end of November.


【Japan】Master Chef Zoe, Alchemist Singed, Dark Sovereign Morgana, Blade Dancer Aatrox, Frost Knight Yasuo, Radiant Darelia, Miss Fortune Lux, Frost Archer Ashe, Star Guardian Annie, Wind Butler Katarina, Sharpshooter Jhin, Elemental Dragon Gnar;

【Southeast Asia】WBG, European Union – Shivana, North American League – Seraphine, European National Team – Sylas, Asian Region – Brand, African Region – Galio, Eastern European Region – Nocturne, Latin America – Garen, New Zealand – Varus

Exploring the Fierce Competition Between Teams in League of Legends MSI


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