League of Legends new season item changes, new strategic upgrade trend! (lolS3 season sweeping, item changes cause a chaotic battle!)

League of Legends new season item changes, new strategic upgrade trend! (lolS3

League of Legends new season item changes, new strategic upgrade trend! (lolS3 season sweeping, item changes cause a chaotic battle!) League of Legends new season item iteration, new strategic upgrade trend! lolS3 season sweeping, item changes cause a chaotic battle! I believe many friends are not very clear about this, so next I will introduce the new season item revolution and the new strategic upgrade trend for everyone!

First, let’s see what the updates are this time. The first is the adjustment of champion mechanics, which is the issue that everyone cares most about.

In previous versions, we already knew that there are two changes to champion skill mechanics, one is base attack power and base health, and the other is the passive.

And in this update, we can see that the increase in base attack power will directly affect the damage and effectiveness of our champion’s skills. In other words, if our champion equips an item that increases base attack power, then our skill damage will directly increase on enemy champions. So for players, this change is very useful.

Next, let’s look at the adjustment of items. Items are now categorized into two types, one is spell items and the other is defense items. From the icons, we can see that mage items have become spell items, while marksman items have become defense items. However, these adjustments to the items have not changed their mechanics, so everyone should be careful when using them!

Finally, let’s look at the changes to runes. We can see that the changes to runes are aimed at mages, so we can see that mage runes are more suitable for mage champions.

Of course, we can also choose different attributes based on our preferences. For example, if we like mage champions, we can choose some runes that increase magic damage.

Above is the content we bring to you today, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. For more related content, please stay tuned, and you can always get more information anytime, anywhere.

lolS3 season sweeping, item changes cause a chaotic battle!

In League of Legends’ S3 season, many champions’ skills have been strengthened and adjusted, including passives and ultimates, but this is still a bit unfamiliar for many friends. Recently, LOL also announced the content of the S2 season.

First is S1, the changes in this season mainly reflect the balance of items and champions, such as: Long Sword and Blade of the Ruined King both increase physical damage. Magic Shield has been changed to increase mana and armor, while boots have been changed to increase tenacity and movement speed, and magic resist has been reduced in terms of magic power and magic resistance values. This makes it more difficult for some tank champions to deal enough damage without control.

In the new version, some new champions’ skins, skills, and items have been enhanced, such as Odyssey and Ahri’s Star Guardian, and Ekko’s Infinity Edge. These new champions’ skins and skills have been enhanced, making it easier for them to win in ranked games. In addition, some old champions’ skins and items have also been adjusted, such as Yasuo’s Endbringer, and Katarina’s new Frost Witch, etc. These skins and champions were popular among players in the S2 season, and their appearance and win rate have greatly increased in the S2 season, which means that their ranked games have become easier and more interesting.

Finally, in the S4 season, there have been major changes to champion items, such as Heartbreaker, Berserker’s Greaves, Black Cleaver, Death Knight, Guardian Angel, etc. These new items and champions have been very dominant in the S5 season, such as Luden’s Echo, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Void Staff, and Morellonomicon. These champions have performed very well in the S3 season, especially in team fights, often showing unexpected effects. Champions like Camille are particularly adept at playing, and the S3 season is also the reason why many champions have resurfaced.

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