Super Fist Emperor: Battle Road (Invincible Sword Soul: Fierce Battle)

Super Fist Emperor: Battle Road (Invincible Sword Soul: Fierce Battle) is a new

Super Fist Emperor: Battle Road (Invincible Sword Soul: Fierce Battle) is a new game created based on the classic fighting game “Super Hero Chronicle”. It is made using a full 3D engine, allowing players to freely control their character and unleash gorgeous and cool special moves through combos.

Game Introduction:

As a side-scrolling action RPG mobile game adapted from a popular anime, “Super Fist Emperor: Battle Road” (abbreviated as “FGO”) is the third installment of the series. This game will be the first to use brand new 3D models and have three top artists onboard, bringing unprecedented satisfaction to fans with its exhilarating combat experience.

Invincible Sword Soul: Fierce Battle

Fierce Battle is one of the most intense activities in “Invincible Sword Soul”. It is a team-based event where players can choose to create their own team or join others’ teams (creating a team requires joining an already existing team). In Fierce Battle, players can earn abundant rewards such as experience, honor, and gold, as well as have a chance to obtain advanced equipment fragments, high-quality items, and skill books.

Fierce Battle is divided into three stages: the first stage: Beginner Duel, the second stage: Intermediate Duel, and the final stage: Ultimate Duel.

In Beginner Duel, players can enter the challenge page by clicking the “Challenge” button on the main interface. Before the activity starts, players can choose the desired difficulty level they want to participate in.

In Intermediate Duel, players can open the character information panel by clicking the character portrait in the bottom-left corner. They can view the current level, experience points, combat power, honor earned, and number of victories in the challenge.

In the final stage, players can enter the battle interface by clicking the “Start Battle” button on the right side. In the game, players can choose different difficulties for the battle. Different difficulties have different requirements, and higher difficulties will reward more honor points. Players can also use the “Quick Match” button in the top-left corner of the interface to quickly match opponents of similar strength for challenge.

After entering the Fierce Battle, two bosses will appear, including minions, elites, and the big boss.

Minions: Minions are usually difficult to defeat because they have high attack power and thick HP. It is best to use control-type characters to slowly wear them down. If encountering mini-bosses, AOE damage skills will be needed to avoid being instantly killed. As for elite monsters, their attack range is large and they have thick HP, making it easy for them to cause a wipeout situation.

Elites: Elite monsters are the bosses. Similarly, their combat power is extremely strong. After killing elite monsters, there is a chance to drop high-quality equipment fragments and weapons. Of course, if lucky enough, players may also obtain high-level items or high-quality items.

Big boss: The big boss in “Invincible Sword Soul” is a team-based PK activity. It has powerful output abilities, as well as many control and defense methods, so players need to be cautious in dealing with it.

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