Amazing appearance of the God’s Palm! Zhuge Liang controls the power and sweeps the battlefield in the King of Glory (Golden Section Rate Stunning Debut! Zhuge Liang’s skin subverts visual enjoyment)

Amazing appearance of the God\’s Palm! Zhuge Liang controls the power and sweeps

Amazing appearance of the God’s Palm! Zhuge Liang controls the power and sweeps the battlefield in the King of Glory (Golden Section Rate Stunning Debut! Zhuge Liang’s skin subverts visual enjoyment)! How about Zhuge Liang’s skin in the King of Glory? Let me introduce it to you below, hope you like it!

[The Controller of Heaven: Liu Chan – The Peak Moment of Control]

After the update on January 28th, the new team battle spirit skin Zhuge Liang – Controller of Power shockingly went online; at the same time, Zhuge Liang’s hero skin “Thunder Judgement”, Zhuge Liang’s permanent skin “Control of Power · Abyss Revelation” (limited time sale 60 vouchers), and other gifts are waiting for you in the event!

The true power of the Controller of Power depends on the player’s understanding and proficiency in Zhuge Liang. The skill effects and passive of Zhuge Liang – Controller of Power are all area of effect damage, and it has strong control ability, capable of interrupting the rhythm of enemy skill releases, providing more output space for the team.

The skill special effects of Zhuge Liang – Controller of Power are extremely magnificent, using an overall black and gold color scheme, giving a strong oppressive feeling; at the same time, the skill also has intense Chinese elements, making it full of Chinese beauty.

[Control of Power · Abyss Revelation]: The combat animation display interface of Zhuge Liang – Controller of Power, mainly blue and white, with a background music composed of dark red tones, is like an immersive war, leading players to experience a different world.

Golden Section Rate Stunning Debut! Zhuge Liang’s skin subverts visual enjoyment

Zhuge Liang’s new skin [Golden Section Rate] was officially launched on December 23rd. As the first original 3D skin of Zhuge Liang in King of Glory, its original design can be called the most beautiful in history. From the special effects, the overall visual style of this skin is very distinctive, using a black and white color scheme. In addition, there are some unique elements in the game, such as “colorful” and “wave pattern”, etc.

In terms of character image, we can see a long big eye and two small wings; in terms of skill effects, we can clearly feel the dynamic changes after Zhuge Liang releases skills 2 and 3.

In addition, this skin also adds a star energy body. When the star rises to a certain height, it will turn into a meteor and fly to the target location; when the energy body reaches its maximum, it will also produce an explosion effect; when releasing skills 3 and 2, Zhuge Liang’s normal attacks will turn into a water column, and water droplets colliding with enemies will cause additional damage and knockback.

In addition to this skin, several other popular skins in “King of Glory” have high collectible value. Among them, Zhou Yu’s new skin “Master Wolong”, “Xuanze · Frozen War God” (price 1788 vouchers) have extremely high practicality. It is worth noting that Zhuge Liang – Master Wolong has a discount offer during the first week of limited purchase, only selling for 1430 vouchers. Don’t miss it if you want to get it.

In addition, a new skin is about to be released, [Qixi Limited Glory News][Couple Skin Gift Pack (including Sun Shangxiang, Diao Chan, and Zhen Ji)] (price 888 vouchers), the former being limited time. The latter has a relatively single way of obtaining, players need to spend 88 RMB to purchase in the store.

In addition to these two new skins, the official of “Three Kingdoms Mobile” will also launch more welfare activities! The most eye-catching one is [Anniversary Celebration Login to Get Permanent Hero + a large number of skin fragments], as long as you log in for a total of seven days during the event, you can get it for free.

In addition, to match this event, the game will distribute “Anniversary Celebration Treasure Chest” to the entire server starting from November 16th. Among them, there is a chance to obtain precious items such as permanent heroes, permanent skins, diamonds or inscriptions, as well as surprise rewards such as permanent avatar frames, chat bubbles, and new voice expressions, waiting for all players.

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