Sniper: Challenge the Limits of Dragon Knight (Incarnation Dragon Rider: A Fantastic Journey of Sniper Dragon Battle)

Sniper: Challenge the Limits of Dragon Knight (Incarnation Dragon Rider: A Fanta

Sniper: Challenge the Limits of Dragon Knight (Incarnation Dragon Rider: A Fantastic Journey of Sniper Dragon Battle). Many buddies may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce it to you. Interested buddies can learn about it.

1. First, choose a weapon. Here, I recommend using a flamethrower because it has a more concentrated trajectory and fewer bullets, but higher damage.

2. Next, choose a sniper rifle accessory. This accessory is used to increase damage. However, if there is no suppressor in the sniper, the damage will not be as high, so be sure to bring one.

3. As for ammunition, it is recommended to bring one that increases critical hit rate; otherwise, the critical hit rate will be low when fighting bosses.

Incarnation Dragon Rider: A Fantastic Journey of Sniper Dragon Battle

“Incarnation Dragon Rider” is an action game set in the World of Warcraft. In this game, the protagonist will transform into a cute little monster during the game and engage in intense battles with other players.

“Incarnation Dragon Rider: Sniper Battle” is a “full 3D” unlocked perspective card duel mobile game developed by Photon Studio. It is the world’s first completely three-consecutive play style, allowing players to easily control their favorite characters and enjoy the original Q version animation and refreshing hit feeling. “Incarnation Dragon Knight: Sniper Battle” will bring you the most real and interesting adventure!

【About Sniper Battle】

In Sniper Battle, after entering the level, a huge red heart will appear on the screen. When the top of the red heart turns yellow, it means the player’s battle is about to begin! During the battle, two red lightning bolts will appear at the bottom of the screen to assist the player’s movement. The player needs to control their mount to constantly run on the screen. When the red heart is touched, the player will be attacked and stunned (unable to move).

When the red star turns red, it means the player has been defeated. At this time, the player can click “Summon”. The summoned Dragon Knight will have different attributes based on the player’s level and equipment. Players can further enhance their abilities by upgrading equipment and skills, and deal higher damage to bosses.

【About Combos】

There are two ways to perform combos in Sniper Battle. Players can set them up before the battle to release more powerful combos. Players can also switch skills and coordinate the hero’s skills during the game to achieve different types of combos and achieve different effects!

There is also a technique called “Instant Release” in Sniper Battle. Players will not activate instant release if they do not hold down the skill key. However, if players press the “Instant Release” button, they will enter automatic mode, and at this time, players do not need to perform any operations, just click the skill key to cast the skill.

【About Skill Selection】

In Sniper Battle, players can not only choose skills according to their needs but also based on their preferences. Players can freely match skills according to the combat scenes in the game.

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