Return to the world of Witch Angels, showcasing swordsmanship!

Return to the world of Witch Angels, showcasing swordsmanship! In the world of

Return to the world of Witch Angels, showcasing swordsmanship! In the world of Witch Angels, explore the mysterious magic secrets! “Return to the Witch Angels World” showcases swordsmanship! Many friends may not be familiar with this, so let me introduce it to you. “Return to the Witch Angels World” showcases swordsmanship! Interested friends can come and check it out.

First, let’s talk about the character setting in the game. In the game, players can play as knights, swordsmen, and wizards, the three major professions.

The character settings in the game are: Swordsman/Shield Guard. The swordsman can use sword aura to attack and block counterattacks. The shield guard, on the other hand, uses protective abilities and shield to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

The wizard can summon powerful monsters to assist in battles. The summoned monsters will become stronger based on their level, with higher-level summoning beasts being more powerful.

In addition, the game also has many hidden elements to unlock, such as various chests on the map. Players can obtain equipment and various items from these chests. There are also some hidden storylines where players can experience exciting content.

Explore the mysterious magic secrets in the world of Witch Angels!

This tutorial will introduce to you the exploration of mysterious magic secrets in the world of Witch Angels.

Level 1: The game’s map is a maze. Before entering the game, go to the right sidebar and then click on the “+” button at the bottom left to open that page. Before entering the maze, go to the upper right corner of the menu bar and click on the “+” button at the bottom to open that page. In the bottom right corner of the page, you will see a letter with a “+” sign and an empty space.

This is the key point to enter the maze, as there are three small blocks blocking our path. We must make good use of these three types of blocks in order to pass through this door smoothly. After entering, we can see a big door, inside which there are various monsters and some chests. The chests have a chance to drop weapons and equipment. Also, the items inside these chests can be used indefinitely as long as you have enough keys to open them.

Level 2: The game’s map is a world covered in fog, with three rooms. Each room has entrances to several BOSS battles. Players need to continuously attack to reach a certain number of enemies in these rooms. After killing all the enemies, the big door will automatically open, revealing a lot of things inside.

Level 3: The game’s map is in an underground space with many small caves. Players need to make good use of these small caves’ terrain to reach the underground platform smoothly. There are also hidden passages in the game that players can discover by continuous jumping to reach higher positions. On top of it, there will be a hidden passage that leads to the bottom room.

Level 4: The game’s map is a huge maze, with many small roads but only one main path. Players must go through this maze to enter. The map of this maze is an inverted small circle. Waves of enemies will appear inside the maze. After defeating them, a teleportation door to the next area will open. When entering, we can find a door that leads to the underground platform.

Level 5: There are many items and mechanisms in the game. There is a mechanism in various locations on the map, where players can enter the next scene by activating it. Inside the mechanism, there is a secret treasure trove.

Level 6: The game’s map is a dark place with many little monsters. Players just need to defeat these enemies and ghosts by hitting them.

Level 7: In the sixth level map, we can see a total of 6 maps, and each map has the same pathway. However, each map has hidden passages that can be opened, and these hidden passages also have different rewards. For example, in the sixth level map, there is a treasure trove that holds a big treasure. Players need to break it in order to continue moving forward until they see a dead end.

Level 8: The game’s map is a rectangular world with many little fairies and monsters. Players need to defeat them within a limited time.

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