Wandering Game Annual Edition New Mount Gorgeous Debut (Unveiling the Unique Skills of the Wandering Game Annual Edition New Mount)

The annual edition of the Wandering Game is unveiling a new mount, the Ghost T

The annual edition of the Wandering Game is unveiling a new mount, the Ghost Tiger, a super divine beast with high physical damage and health growth. It has extremely high speed and health growth, and comes with a natural skill called Skybreaker, which can inflict defense-breaking effect on the enemy for one turn during attacks, making it unstoppable in PVP battles. Below, I will reveal its unique skills for everyone.

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1. Initial Carry Level: Level 20

2. Acquisition Method: Purchase in the store;

3. Natural Skills:

Skybreaker: Has a chance to confuse multiple targets after dealing damage.

Furious State: Speed is increased after dealing damage to multiple targets.

Rage Strike: Deals a large amount of damage to multiple targets.

Qiankun Shield: Has a certain probability of removing the opponent’s Qiankun Shield status when receiving damage.

4. Skill Attributes:

Health and magic attack growth: Health growth: 65~85

Speed growth: 65~75

Physical attack growth: 65~75

Health growth: 75~95

Speed growth: 70~90

Growth: 75~95

Physical crit, physical crit, critical hit rate: 20%~25%

5. Pet Growth Limit: Can reach up to 95

In the Wandering Game PC version, just like divine beasts, the qualifications and growth of mounts are also determined by the player themselves. In this expansion pack, players can cultivate their mounts by collecting various types of precious pets. The attributes and growth of mounts, just like divine beasts, are automatically assigned by the system. Players can freely choose attributes and carry out enhancement operations, but mounts can change their growth attributes and mutate their appearances!

The above is the complete content of the unveiling of the unique skills of the new mount in the Wandering Game Annual Edition. I hope it can be helpful. If you want to find more related strategies, please continue to follow our gaming website. We look forward to your wonderful sharing!

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