Free Hero Extravaganza, King of Glory Discount Event Soon to Begin! (Win Free Heroes, Dominate the Peak Battlefield of King of Glory!)

Free Hero Extravaganza, King of Glory Discount Event Soon to Begin! (Win Free H

Free Hero Extravaganza, King of Glory Discount Event Soon to Begin! (Win Free Heroes, Dominate the Peak Battlefield of King of Glory!) King of Glory is hosting a Free Hero Extravaganza and a discount event that is about to begin. Play the game and win benefits from participating in the Free Hero event.

Dear Summoner:

After the official launch of the mobile game “King’s Canyon”, we are ushering in a new limited-time discount event. In this event, the free heroes will be Sun Shangxiang, Marco Polo, Liu Bei, Daji, Lanling Wang, and Nakurolulu, among others.

Event period: October 15th to October 20th

Event rules: Summoners can earn points by completing daily tasks and use the corresponding amount of points to redeem different rewards.

Rewards include: 60 diamonds, 100 Glyph fragments, 2000 gold coins; as well as a large number of skin experience cards, 66 diamonds, 150 Glyph fragments, 300 Glyph fragments, Hero experience cards (3 days), permanent hero – Athena, Hero experience cards (7 days), and skin – Future Travel (7 days).

Win Free Heroes, Dominate the Peak Battlefield of King of Glory!

In King of Glory, many players like to use free heroes but find that they can’t use them. In fact, these heroes are not useless!

Wang Zhaojun, although officially referred to as the strongest mage, is undeniably powerful. Wang Zhaojun not only has high skill damage and short skill cooldown, but also her ultimate skill can stun enemies. Therefore, in team battles, Wang Zhaojun’s skills can help teammates control enemies effectively.

Wang Zhaojun’s skills have a wide range and are very useful in both early laning and late-game team battles. If relying solely on skill output, her advantages are evident. Her ultimate skill can deal a large amount of continuous damage to enemies. As long as Wang Zhaojun is in team battles, she can continually release skills to disrupt enemy units and prevent them from attacking.

In addition to her ultimate skill, there are two small tricks to tell you:

First, when using Wang Zhaojun, pay attention to the fact that her ultimate skill can deal continuous damage to enemies within range.

Second, when using Wang Zhaojun, pay attention to the timing of releasing her ultimate skill, as her ultimate skill requires hitting enemies with 3 magic orbs to unleash its full power, while it can only deal half of the enemy’s health. It is not wise to release the ultimate skill at these two moments.

Third, pay attention to Wang Zhaojun’s positioning in team battles, and try to avoid being on the same horizontal line as enemies. This way, her ultimate skill can exert its maximum advantage. After all, the damage of Wang Zhaojun’s ultimate skill is very explosive. If the enemy’s health is low, then her ultimate skill is their weakest point!

Li Bai has very high skill damage, but he is also quite fragile and requires protection from teammates. Li Bai also has strong bursting ability. In team battles, try to ensure Li Bai’s safety in positioning.

Before a team battle starts, use Li Bai’s ultimate skill to deal damage to surrounding enemies, then use skills 1 and 2, followed by skills 2 and 3, and finally release skill 2. This way, you can deal fatal blows to enemies!

Luna has a variety of control effects with her skills, so pay attention to your own positioning in team battles.

Pay attention to Luna’s positioning in team battles and try not to be together with enemy heroes that have high output. In addition, Luna’s ultimate skill can also be used to avoid some heroes’ ultimate skills, such as Daji.

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