Warcraft 7.0 New Dungeon Challenge – Throat Battle Strategy (Warcraft 7.0 Strongest Soul Eater Boss Appears! The Challenge Begins!)

Warcraft 7.0 New Dungeon Challenge – Throat Battle Strategy (Warcraft 7.0 Strong

Warcraft 7.0 New Dungeon Challenge – Throat Battle Strategy (Warcraft 7.0 Strongest Soul Eater Boss Appears! The Challenge Begins!) In the new version 10.0 of Warcraft, The Song of the Witch, Throat Challenge is a new dungeon. Below, the editor brings you the Throat dungeon strategy, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Warcraft 6.0 adds world boss: Soul Eater Akkad

Players can encounter this new boss between the new maps Vekhura and Nasria.

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Warcraft 7.0 Strongest Soul Eater Boss appears! The challenge begins!

Warcraft 7.0 Strongest Soul Eater Boss appears! The challenge begins! I believe many friends are not very familiar with this. Next, the editor will introduce the Warcraft 9.0 Strongest Soul Eater Boss appears! The challenge begins! Interested friends can learn more.

The challenge event of the “Strongest Soul Eater Boss” officially starts. The Lich King from the exotic inn and the city of death will provide players with a new challenge mode, challenging world bosses, and obtaining excellent rewards such as top-notch equipment. “Greatest Hunter”, “Highest Difficulty, Perfect Evaluation”, “Highest Honor Medal, Most Merciless Treasure”. These will all be announced at 1:00 am on the 17th of this month (or delayed for one week).

1. The new version of “Warcraft” “The End of Central Asia” will start at 12:00 am on February 14th! Fight in this area, defeat the first stage boss [“Giant Snake Devourer”], to unlock the final boss battle;

2. The challenge time is from 5 am on Thursday to 6 am on Friday (specific reference can be made to the following text). During this period, players can challenge the Giant Snake Devourer at any level, and the team that kills the Giant Snake Devourer will receive double rewards (after killing the Giant Snake Devourer, the team will gain an extra boss);

3. The challenge time is from 4 pm on Saturday to 5 pm on Monday. During this period, all players can participate in the BOSS challenge.

4. Elite monsters will randomly appear during the challenge: Soul Devourer, Corrupted Void User, Shadow Warlock, Death Knight, and Shadow Walker. Defeating these elite monsters can obtain corresponding drops and have a chance to obtain legendary rare weapons and epic accessories. Killing the boss can gain a large amount of experience and gold, and also obtain a special achievement “Strongest Hunter”.

5. Players can receive the “Throat of Soul Eater Manual” (used to directly enter the boss room, but cannot teleport from the hall to the room) and the “Challenge Road” function (used to enter any underground dungeon) by completing daily and weekly challenge goals.

6. Players can obtain an item called “Black Dragon’s Nest Key” in the main storyline, use it to summon the Soul Eater Throat, and break its shield. After smashing the gate of the “Black Dragon’s Nest”, a new passage to the Soul Eater’s Den can be opened.

7. In the new passage, players can choose the boss they want to challenge or invite friends to form a team to challenge stronger opponents!

8. After successfully challenging, players will receive corresponding points and rankings, and can view the information and related data of the top 20 players on the leaderboard of each server.

9. During the challenge, each player can challenge the “Soul Eater Throat” boss once a day, but can only receive one reward (up to three rewards). The number of attempts will not be deducted after the challenge fails (but you can spend 50G to purchase a “Challenge Ticket” and immediately exit the match). Please arrange your in-game time reasonably to avoid unnecessary losses. (This reward will be sent to you by mail)

10. After the challenge is over, players will receive corresponding rewards based on their current rank and personal contribution. Among them, the top 20 players will receive rare weapons, legendary equipment, and rare accessories as additional rewards!

11. After a successful challenge, players will receive corresponding reputation rewards and prestige points based on their ranking in this season.

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