Magic Mist Dispelled, the Journey of Male Magician’s Career Change (Recasting Magic Power, Exploring the New Career Path of Male Magician)

Magic Mist Dispelled, the Journey of Male Magician\’s Career Change (Recasting Ma

Magic Mist Dispelled, the Journey of Male Magician’s Career Change (Recasting Magic Power, Exploring the New Career Path of Male Magician). The gameplay and character setting of this game are still very interesting. There are three different types of characters to choose from in the game, namely Physical, Magic, and Special. Physical characters have strong output capabilities, while magic characters have certain control skills, but no outstanding features in terms of control. Now, let me introduce to you the male protagonist of the magic class in this game. I hope you like it!

First, let me show you the staff characters:

1. Flame Blade

2. Holy Light Burst

3. Scorching Sunburn

4. Fiery Whirlwind

5. Frosty Palm

Recasting Magic Power, Exploring the New Career Path of Male Magician

“Magician” is the first 3D fantasy action mobile game in China. In the upcoming new version, two new professions, “Male God of Magic” and “Female God of Magic”, will be added, namely Holy Temple Priest and Icebound Warlock, and one of them will be the brand new profession – Guardian of Darkness!

The update of the new version gives players more choices and possibilities. The most surprising thing is that players can not only experience new skills but also train and refine their characters. From the currently exposed content, the three career paths in “Magician” are very interesting, and one of them, the Temple Knight, makes the gameplay of this career change even more enriching.

Holy Temple Priest: Has strong defense capabilities and can absorb a large amount of damage from enemies. It can also apply buffs to teammates, providing increased damage buff and damage reduction during battles.

Icebound Warlock: Has strong control and damage output abilities. It can slow down the target continuously and decrease its movement speed. It is a very versatile profession.

Guardian of Darkness: Can protect teammates from attacks and make the target immune to magic damage. It is a very versatile profession, and whether it is in team PVP or dungeon gameplay, the survival ability of the Guardian of Darkness is top-notch.

From these three career paths, the Temple Knight’s career change direction can be said to be very versatile, but the most important thing is that the career change direction of the Temple Knight will not change the players’ pursuit. In the new version, players can experience more professional gameplay and more possibilities.

After the new expansion of “Magician” (MMORPG), players can go to the Magic Academy to level up by completing quests, unlocking new skills, as well as learning new runes and abilities.

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