Lord of the Moon Skills Guide for Dragon Valley Mobile Game, Creating the Strongest Output! (Surpass the norm! Explore unique skill strategies, unlock the hidden abilities of the Lord of the Moon in Dragon Valley Mobile Game!)

Lord of the Moon Skills Guide for Dragon Valley Mobile Game, Creating the Stron

Lord of the Moon Skills Guide for Dragon Valley Mobile Game, Creating the Strongest Output! (Surpass the norm! Explore unique skill strategies, unlock the hidden abilities of the Lord of the Moon in Dragon Valley Mobile Game!) In Dragon Valley Mobile Game, the Lord of the Moon, as a branch of the Sword Saint’s second transformation, has extremely high operational difficulty. In terms of second transformation career choices, Sword Saint specializes in melee combat and excels in physical attack skills and area damage skills. One of the two branches of the Sword Saint’s second transformation is the Moon Lord, which is focused on close combat and can summon powerful sword energy to attack opponents. The Moon Lord’s skills are mostly long-range output types, with strong impact and flexibility in attacking techniques. So, how should players choose the Moon Lord profession? Let’s find out together with the author!

First is the type of skills used by the Moon Lord. As one of the most classic professions in the game, Sword Emperor’s high output ability is unquestionable. The Moon Lord has high single-target burst output and high-frequency combo output, making it one of the professions with the highest output. However, due to its frequent output, it requires a certain level of anticipation to maximize the output.

The first-turn skills of the Moon Lord have very good area damage skills. Although its attack method is different from other professions, its attack speed far exceeds other professions of the same level, and it has a long displacement effect, which can partially make up for the shortcomings of the Moon Lord. As for the choice of skills in the second transformation, the Sword Emperor’s skills are mostly close combat types and are relatively balanced in terms of attack ability.

The second transformation skills are Moonlight Shard, Triple Cleave, Whirling Slash, Deadly Hack, and Half Moon Slash. These four first-turn skills have relatively balanced attributes, but the Moon Lord’s output method is relatively stable, so players can adjust them according to their preferences to achieve the desired effect.

The Moon Lord has three career directions: Sword Saint’s second transformation Sword Saint, and Sword Emperor’s second transformation Sword King. The second transformation skills for Sword Emperor are Moonlight Shard, Triple Cleave, Bone-Cutting Stab, and Half Moon Slash.

【Sword Saint’s Second Transformation】

Sword Emperor is the advanced direction of the Sword God system, focusing on close combat combo skills. Sword Emperor can summon powerful sword energy to launch attacks against enemies. Sword Emperor’s second transformation skills are relatively comprehensive, with both high-output skills and long-range consumption skills. Sword Emperor’s output method is more diverse and excellent in continuity. At the same time, Sword Emperor also has decent flexibility and maneuverability.

The main combo for the Moon Lord is Sword Energy Volley + Heavy Uppercut Punch + Moonlight Shard + Half Moon Slash + Half Moon Slash. In the combo process, the Sword Emperor can use the charge skill to quickly get close to the enemy, then use Heavy Uppercut Punch to lift the enemy into the air and follow up with Moonlight Shard, continuously release Heavy Uppercut Punch, and finally use Moonlight Shard to finish off the enemy, maximizing its own output efficiency.

【Moon Lord’s First Transformation】

The Moon Lord’s second transformation skills are also mainly long-range output skills. The first transformation profession for the Moon Lord is Sword Saint. The first transformation skills are Dual Blade Segment, Swinging Stance, Straight Line Impact, and Swinging Pose, which correspond to Sword Dance and Sky Burst in the first and second transformations, respectively.

【Sword Saint’s Second Transformation】

The first transformation skill for Sword Saint is Sword Art Revolution, and the second transformation professions for the first transformation are Berserker and Destroyer.

The main combo for the Moon Lord is Sword Rain + Basic Attack * 3 + Basic Attack * 3 + Whirling Slash. The combo for Sword Saint is relatively simple.

Surpass the norm! Explore unique skill strategies, unlock the hidden abilities of the Lord of the Moon in Dragon Valley Mobile Game!

In “Dragon Valley Mobile Game,” skill allocation for professions is one of the important contents of the game. In skill selection, we prioritize output ability, control, and survival. Next, we need to make different emphasis choices and combinations for different professions to improve combat effectiveness. Today, the author will share with everyone the skill allocation methods for the Lord of the Moon at different stages!

【Long-range high damage, versatile skills】

For archers, in order to deal higher damage, they must have enough confidence in their own operations, especially in PvP battles. Due to the Moon Lord’s vulnerability, it is easy to be taken down by enemies. Therefore, in skill selection, we recommend choosing Moonlight Shard and Sky Burst as the main skills.

【Melee dominance, agile evasion】

For archers, flexibility is self-evident. In the skill allocation strategy for the Moon Lord, due to its high mobility and long-range attack characteristics, players can switch flexibly according to the actual situation in battle. Among them, for archers, Moonlight Shard and Sky Burst are the skills that the Moon Lord can prioritize learning and upgrading. As for Sword Saint and Sacrificer, Moonlight Shard can be first maxed out with two skill points, and then based on the actual situation, consider learning Moon God Storm and Destroyer’s Double Burst.

【High burst skills, instant burst and kill】

As a long-range physical profession, the Moon Lord’s versatile skills make it perform very well in PvE and PvP battles. Among them, for Sword Saint and Sacrificer, Sword Qi Burst, Half Moon Slash, and Cyclone Axe Throw are all high burst skills. Therefore, when allocating skill points, the emphasis should be on increasing attack power, in order to deal more additional damage in battles.

In addition, for Sword Saint, in terms of combos, it is recommended to first upgrade Moonlight Shard and Half Moon Slash, and then consider upgrading Sky Burst, Moonblade, and Spin Impact. As a displacement skill, Spin Impact can create distance between Sword Saint and enemies and then proceed with further output. Therefore, the emphasis when allocating skill points should be on output.

Of course, due to the versatility and long-range attack characteristics of Sword Emperor, players can make adjustments based on their own skill combinations and operational habits in battles, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the Moon Lord character. Of course, the above is only the author’s personal opinion, providing everyone with a reference. If players have better suggestions or ideas, they can also leave comments below to discuss and exchange ideas together~

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