The Indomitable Divine Generals of Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms, Who Is the True King of the Battlefield? (Unveiling the Strongest Generals in the History of Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms, Can Their Prestige Sweep Thousands of Soldiers?)

In the game \”Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms,\” the Indomitable Divine Generals\’ B

In the game “Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms,” the Indomitable Divine Generals’ Battle for Supremacy is undoubtedly the true king of the battlefield! Today, let’s take a closer look with the author at this truly battle-hardened “True King” and find out who the real generals are.

【One】 Zhang Jiao

1. [Skill: Galefire Crossbow] (AoE skill)

2. [Rage Cost: 40]

【Two】 Lu Bu

1. [Skill: Tiger’s Frenzy Spear Technique] (AoE skill) (Single target output skill)

2. Dong Zhuo (Six-star orange general): 20% chance to trigger a combo effect when attacking (Chance to trigger a combo effect after attacking)

【Three】 Zhuge Liang (Five-star orange general)

1. [Skill: Seven Probing Serpent Formation] (AoE skill)

2. Sima Yi (Three-star orange general) [Awakening Skill: Power of the Broken Army] (Single target output skill) [Awakening Skill: Nine-Tailed Fox Flame]

【Four】 Cao Cao

1. [Skill: Qingzhou Shield Technique] (Single target defense skill)

2. Xiahou Dun (Three-star gold general) [Awakening Skill: Iron Wall Defense] (Single target defense)

【Formation】: Archers, cavalry, infantry

Unveiling the Strongest Generals in the History of Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms, Can Their Prestige Sweep Thousands of Soldiers?

In “Dragon Generals Three Kingdoms,” there are hundreds of famous generals such as Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, and Liu Bei. These people are all well-known generals during the Three Kingdoms period! They not only have the mighty and domineering “cutting through enemies like a hot knife through butter,” but also have the invincible General Guan Yu, who is fearless against ten thousand enemies! Today, the author will unveil those extremely powerful generals in the game. Can their prestige sweep thousands of soldiers?

Zhao Yun, styled Fengxian, Han nationality, a famous general of Wei, Cao Pi’s second son. He was originally a general under Yuan Shao. When Cao Cao was attacking Dong Zhuo, he fought against Lu Bu as the vanguard and was known as the “Tiger’s Frenzy”. Later, he died in battle for unknown reasons while chasing Zhuge Liang; his father Cao Zhang captured the Battle of Guandu and surrendered to Cao Cao, helping Cao Cao pacify Jiangdong. His younger brother Cao Ren also followed the Grand Commander.

Zhang Fei, styled Yide, born in Fuchun, Wu County, and later from Wuyuan County, Shu. He once defeated Yan Liang and Wen Chou alone and almost killed Gongsun Zan; his brother He Jin shot Lu Zhi and Zhu Jun with seventy arrows, almost capturing Gan Ning alive; his mother Wang Yun was titled the Marquise of Xiang’an Temple for her singing and dancing skills. Later, he followed Jiang Wei to conquer Jingzhou, achieving many merits; afterwards, he followed Meng Huo to conquer Wuman, but was finally defeated by Xiahou Dun and forced to be reborn as the leader of the Red Cliffs Army.

Ma Chao, one of the Five Tigers of the Warlords, once defeated Lu Bu’s army alone but was later annihilated by Sima Yi. After many investigations, he finally found his true identity. Afterwards, he sought revenge against Liu Biao several times but ultimately failed. Ma Teng, who usually sat on the bench on the battlefield, fell into the rebel camp by accident and was exiled to the side of Xu Huang and others.

Huang Zhong, a righteous man stationed in Wuling, knows that the world is divided into three parts, so he has followed his father’s call to mobilize from an early age. He has participated in two major battles, including the first siege of Huarong Road. Most of Huang Chengyan’s soldiers are archers and are good at attacking enemies with crossbows. After surrendering to Cao Cao, he became a loyal guard under the rule of Emperor Liu Chan and is considered the best support-type general!

Liu Bei, the third-generation member of the Peach Garden Oath, the Taishi of Donglai, was originally married to Buzhenshi. Starting in November of the Jian’an period (now Jiaozuo, Henan), he served as the Major of the Imperial Guards and later became the Grand Protector of Beiping and the Marquis of Yanshouting. He served as the adviser to the talented and beautiful Guo Jia. Although he had few official positions in his life, he still held many important positions in the court.

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