Dragon’s Revelation: How to Sword Dance with the Dragon (Dragon’s Revelation Strategy Guide for the Commoners)

Dragon\’s Revelation: How to Sword Dance with the Dragon (Dragon\’s Revelation St

Dragon’s Revelation: How to Sword Dance with the Dragon (Dragon’s Revelation Strategy Guide for the Commoners) Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to sword dancing with the dragon in “Dragon’s Revelation,” hoping it will be helpful to everyone.

First of all, we need to know that the true form of the dragon is a dragon, which is what we call a dragon hero. The attack method of the true dragon is the same as that of the ordinary dragon, so players who want to sword dance with the dragon must have a good lineup of their own dragon tribe. In this way, they can easily obtain the true dragon. Of course, this gameplay is targeted at big spenders, so it is not necessary for ordinary players.

Then, it’s about the lineup. The author suggests using a healer and a warrior, so that you can successfully pass the true dragon’s storyline copy. If you don’t have a healer, it will be more difficult because the true dragon’s health and attack power are average, and the defense is also weak. In the early stage, it is basically a combination of one tank and one damage dealer. Therefore, you need a tank, a support, and two damage dealers; otherwise, you simply cannot withstand the true dragon’s damage. So the author suggests that players can bring a healer to ensure the team’s survival rate.

Above are the strategies for commoners on how to fight the true dragon in Dragon’s Revelation (Dragon’s Revelation Strategy Guide for the Commoners). I hope it can help players better pass the true dragon!

Dragon’s Revelation Strategy Guide for the Commoners

Today, I will bring you the strategy guide for “Dragon’s Revelation.” I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. About Equipment

First, let’s talk about weapons. In the game, weapons can increase players’ attack power and critical strike rate. At the same time, weapons can be further strengthened by upgrading stars. Upgrading stars requires the consumption of spirit stones, which can be obtained by decomposing purple or higher quality equipment.

2. About Battle Spirits

The role of battle spirits is to increase damage output and health during battles. When players have a set of battle spirits, they can cause powerful damage to heroes. However, since the game has not been updated yet, the specific attributes of battle spirits are still unknown. The author will bring a detailed guide in the future.

3. About War Books

War books can improve the attributes of generals and can be upgraded. Upgrading can increase the numerical value of a general’s combat power and can also change the form of skills. Upgrading war books requires the consumption of spirit orbs, which can be obtained from dungeons and events.

4. About Formation

Formations can provide powerful attribute bonuses to all deployed generals. However, each deployed general can only carry three formations. Only when three formations are deployed can the full combat power be exerted. Therefore, if you want to improve tactics, you need to put a lot of effort into lineup configuration.

5. About Mounts

Players can enhance their combat power through mounts. Mounts can improve the abilities of warhorses and can provide attribute bonuses to the protagonist. Mounts are divided into White Tiger and Vermilion Bird. White Tiger is a physical cavalry, and Vermilion Bird is a magical cavalry. Therefore, mounts provide relatively high attribute bonuses.

6. About Skills

Skills have a certain chance of triggering in battles, but the triggering probability is low, and the effects of skills are also relatively ordinary.

7. About Shops

Shops sell various items, and players can use silver coins to purchase the items they need. The shop will also refresh items from time to time, so players should pay attention.

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