What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Website? (What is Wheatfield Cloud?)

What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Website? What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Web

What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Website? (What is Wheatfield Cloud?)

What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Website? What Currency is Wheatfield Cloud Website

According to the official website of Wheatfield, Wheatfield Cloud is an investment institution specializing in the field of blockchain. The website of Wheatfield Cloud mainly includes three sections: Bitcoin mining, decentralized exchange, and digital asset management. Among them, the Bitcoin network represented by Bitcoin is one of the safest networks in the world and is currently the most active ecological application platform globally. What currency is Wheatfield Cloud website?

First of all, let’s talk about Wheatfield Network.

Wheatfield Network is one of the earliest Internet companies in China to launch Bitcoin mining products. Its aim is to create an application product that allows ordinary people to participate in Bitcoin mining with high transparency and security. At the same time, it adopts a new consensus mechanism and incentive model to ensure the security and stability of the Bitcoin network.

What is Wheatfield Cloud?

Wheatfield Cloud (Marathon Digital Holdings) is a blockchain technology company located in Silicon Valley, USA. It was founded by former Intel chief engineer Mark Canney and former Google senior product manager Todd Stone. The company is committed to providing infrastructure services for global blockchain application development, including distributed storage, consensus algorithms, decentralized computing, smart contracts, etc.

Wheatfield Cloud is a technology company established by Wheatfield Labs in May 2018, mainly engaged in research on data mining and analysis. Its goal is to combine the research and development of underlying technology with the application landing by the end of 2020. The main business scenario of Wheatfield Cloud is to help the real economy achieve digital economic development while solving information asymmetry problems in traditional business models. (Sina Finance)

The goal of Wheatfield Cloud is to transform data on the Internet into a readable format, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire network while reducing transaction costs. It aims to make it a real-world asset; it uses machine learning to optimize data processing capabilities and combines computational power with artificial intelligence technology to quickly generate reliable and stable data. This allows everyone to participate in various aspects of the blockchain and improve the performance of the entire ecosystem. Based on this, it builds an open platform for all users to use and can access information anytime, anywhere, forming a new production relationship and value creation process.

However, there are not many excellent teams and professionals supporting this industry. Only a few powerful people enter this industry to carry out operational activities. Therefore, these people do not understand the specific functions of Wheatfield Cloud, what it can be used for, and how to operate it. They are unwilling to explore the applications and solutions of Wheatfield Cloud in-depth but instead use some very new techniques, such as AI algorithms, quantum computing, and so on. What is the function of Wheatfield Cloud? First of all, Wheatfield Cloud uses the independently designed “Interstellar File System” architecture, that is, full nodes synchronize and run tens of thousands of massive blocks, including more than 30 miners from all over the world, processing more than 1 billion transaction data per second to ensure security. Secondly, to ensure security, Wheatfield Cloud has chosen to have its own “Super Server”, that is, deployed separately on AWS/Azure. This means that we need to first build our own database from Amazon Web Services and then package various data according to the network resources we master. In this way, we can directly release all APIs on AWS or lay out in advance like Filecoin and other projects. Finally, Wheatfield Cloud has also set up a “mining incentive mechanism”.

What does Wheatfield Cloud want to do? It’s simple:

(1) Establish a trust system- establish a new mode of cooperation- achieve cooperation-link different organizations and individuals to promote social collaboration.

(2) Establish a new type of cooperation model- create a partnership agreement with trust, fairness, and innovation in cross-border cooperation. For example, if you have a company called Wheatfield Cloud, you can invite others to join Wheatfield Network (of course, there are many other public chains).

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