Pet Battle Strategy: Secrets to Success in the Dream Journey Mobile Game (Unveiling Hidden BOSS in the Pet Battle of the Dream Journey Mobile Game Adventure World)

Pet Battle Strategy: Secrets to Success in the Dream Journey Mobile Game (Unveil

Pet Battle Strategy: Secrets to Success in the Dream Journey Mobile Game (Unveiling Hidden BOSS in the Pet Battle of the Dream Journey Mobile Game Adventure World). The pet battle in the Dream Journey mobile game is a place that many players find challenging. However, if we can master some techniques, the pet battle will not be so difficult. So today, the editor brings you this strategy about the pet battle. Let’s take a look together if you’re interested!

In the latest event of the Dream Journey mobile game, there is a “Pet Battle” gameplay. This activity allows players to challenge players with a level of 65 or above. After a successful challenge, you can receive rewards and points. This activity is a single-player PVE activity and it is also a time-limited activity. New pets and bosses will be refreshed every week, and they are all rare pets. However, this activity is very difficult, so it is recommended that players form a team of 3 before participating.

In the pet battle, each player can bring their own pet, and the pet’s attributes will improve as the battle progresses. Therefore, players must choose a suitable pet to fight, which can ensure their output ability. In addition, at the beginning of the battle, players can use a certain amount of vitality to let their pets enter the battle directly. So if you want to challenge, you still need to consider your own strength.

In the pet battle, each formation has a formation method. When the pets of the player’s formation are activated, they can cause a lot of damage to the pets in that formation, and also provide various BUFF effects to the pets. Therefore, in the pet battle, it is best for players to choose a support-type pet because when the player’s pet formation is activated, the player’s pet will automatically enter the battle, which can avoid being killed by the enemy’s pet.

The Adventure World: Revealing Hidden BOSS in the Pet Battle of the Dream Journey Mobile Game

In the Dream Journey mobile game, the pet battle is a very interesting activity. In the game, players can experience various battle modes, and the most attractive one is the hidden BOSS in the pet battle. Among these mysterious bosses, players can discover some “strange” monsters. And some players may not know what special abilities they have – for example, they can summon rare pet babies, and their skills are also very powerful, they may even actively attack the player’s team. Therefore, let the editor reveal these hidden bosses!

【Thunder Grandpa】

In the Thunderclap Temple sect, Thunder Grandpa is a demonic beast with earth-shattering power. Although its talent and physical fitness are not high, it has extremely high magic defense, so it often appears during thunderstorms. Although Thunder Grandpa has low HP, it has a strong characteristic that can transform itself into a super divine chicken. In addition, Thunder Grandpa continuously uses its soul fragments to cause a lot of damage to opponents, so players must be careful when challenging it.

【Wind Boy】

Although the strength of Wind Boy is not inferior to the attack power of the Five Poison Sect, Longgong, Mount Putuo, and the Yin Cao Underground Palace in the battle scenes, what makes it more difficult is its ultimate skill – “Burning the Ships and Boiling the Cauldrons”. Players need to pay attention that it will frequently use water attacks, freezes, and other skills during the battle, so players should try to avoid close contact with it.

【Scorpion King】

Although Scorpion Demon is a magic summoning creature, she has very fast speed. Therefore, when challenging her, it is recommended to prioritize killing her two partners, so that you can easily deal with all the abnormal conditions she carries. In addition, Scorpion Demon has a very powerful effect – it can convert the damage it receives into healing effects. Therefore, if you can bring two magic pets to challenge this level together, you can easily defeat it.

Above are some introductions about the hidden bosses in the pet battle. I believe that after seeing these hidden bosses, everyone knows their characteristics, right? In addition to these hidden bosses, there are many more hidden bosses in the game. Players can only receive rewards by defeating them, so if players want to show their talents in the game, quickly enter the Dream Journey mobile game and find your own pet world!

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