The Return of the Invincible King in Conquering China! (Hua Xia Zheng Tu Mobile Game, Stirring up the Craze of Conquest in the Martial World!)

Conquer China, the return of the invincible king! (Hua Xia Zheng Tu Mobile Game

Conquer China, the return of the invincible king! (Hua Xia Zheng Tu Mobile Game, Stirring up the Craze of Conquest in the Martial World!) “Conquering China” is a large-scale national war strategy mobile game adapted from a PC game.

As a Three Kingdoms-themed MMORPG game, “Zheng Tu Hua Xia” takes history as its theme and perfectly restores classic warfare gameplay from ancient China. At the same time, in “Conquering China,” players will also experience real historical events and confront many historical figures, experiencing the grandest worldview and storyline. Additionally, various PVE, PVP modes, and unique systems are introduced to bring better combat enjoyment to the warriors!

“Conquering China” is about to start testing.

In order to welcome the arrival of the 6th century BC, our protagonist Li Shimin embarks on a new journey. He grows step by step from a rookie and after a long period of time, finally finds his own country – the four camps of Wei, Shu, Wu, and the others. In this troubled world, there are many different stories among the four camps, and the protagonist we play is a hero youth named Xia Yi Di; in this opening ceremony, we will also see the figure of Xia Yi Di returning to the martial world!

The background of “Conquering China” is the Central Plains of the late Eastern Han Dynasty. After the rulers of the world were seized by the Qin Army, the court has always maintained a relatively stable state. However, with the passage of time, heroes from all directions have gathered here to compete for the position of overlord. All of these require players to constantly explore and challenge. The formidable force we are about to face is called “Jiu Li”. Our goal is to control the destiny of the entire country in our own hands.

In the new expansion, “Three Thousand Worlds,” we will discover a huge battlefield in the new map scene: 800 miles away, there is an vast world map. On this map, many strange things will appear: troops, enemies, and even various treasures. These are all hidden places, and it is because of this that it brings infinite possibilities to players.

Beneath the new map scene, besides numerous strong enemies and traps, there are many unknown existences waiting for us to explore. In the new map, we can not only experience the thrilling wilderness world but also experience different customs. And we can also see more exciting plot stories.

“Conquering China” will officially begin closed beta testing on September 8th, and more related content will be launched online. Stay tuned!

Hua Xia Zheng Tu Mobile Game, Stirring up the Craze of Conquest in the Martial World!

“Hua Xia Zheng Tu” mobile game, stirring up the craze of conquest in the martial world!

[Cross-Server Battle]

1- The cross-server battlefield is a place where players fight against each other. By defeating opponents, they can obtain victory and eventually become the cross-server overlord.

2- Cross-server battles are single-player PK gameplay. Players can participate by forming teams and defeating opponents to receive ranking rewards.

3- Cross-server PK needs to be conducted in the cross-server to achieve victory, so it is better to play with friends, after all, there is also a guild gameplay in the game, so be sure to team up with good friends!

4- Cross-server PK is divided into individual competition and team competition. Individual competition is battles between players, while team competition is mutual confrontation between players. As long as you have sufficient skills, you have a chance to win!

5- Individual competition settles every night at 10 pm. Based on rankings, players can receive honor value rewards.

6-[Artifact System]: Players can increase the level of equipment by consuming items. As the equipment level increases, the attribute value of the equipment also increases. Each character can equip up to 8 pieces of equipment.

7-[Mount System]: Mounts can be divided into ordinary, excellent, outstanding, and excellent qualities. Players can choose mounts suitable for their own level according to their profession.

8-[Divine Weapon System]: Divine weapons are divided into six qualities: Xuanwu of Heaven, Baihu of Earth, Qinglong of Heaven, Zhuque of Heaven, Xuanwu of Heaven, and Zhuque of Heaven.

9-[Treasure System]: There are eight types of treasures. Players can consume corresponding treasures for advancement and synthesis. The way to obtain treasures can be through daily tasks and activities.

[National Fortune System]: National fortune is a system in which all factions in the region participate together. After meeting certain requirements, faction members can receive corresponding benefits. Players can receive welfare packages during the activity period.

[Legion System]: After joining a legion, players can participate in legion instances and obtain a large number of rewards.

10-[Clan System]: The game’s social function is divided into camps, countries, lineups, and teams. Players can view their own clans in the game.

11-[Clan Red Envelope]: Clan members can send red envelopes to clan members. The red envelopes contain various currencies such as silver tickets and clan contributions. Players can use these currencies to redeem various rewards in the clan store.

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