Analysis of the Graffiti System in Honor of Kings: How to Improve Character Strength through Graffiti? (Unlocking New Poses to Make the Game Cooler!)

In the updated version of Honor of Kings, the graffiti system has been optimized

In the updated version of Honor of Kings, the graffiti system has been optimized. Players can choose their favorite characters to graffiti and also receive additional effects. Let’s briefly understand this gameplay!

First, you will notice a special function in the graffiti system, which is the bonus effect of graffiti. During the game, if you find skills that can cause damage, knock-up, or stun the opponent, you can directly click on the skill to use it.

In addition, there is a time limit for the graffiti effect. But don’t forget to recall when the effect ends.

Of course, if you find that after the graffiti effect ends, you need to click the return button in the lower left corner to return to the original graffiti state.

If you want to graffiti again, you can click the “Share” button on the right to upload your own graffiti to the game for use.

There are also other gameplay options for players to experience, such as rewards in ranked matches and matchmaking modes, as well as new activities, gameplay, and heroes. Have fun in the game~

(Unlocking New Poses to Make the Game Cooler!)

“Graffiti” is an action mobile game based on global player battles, with highly creative gameplay. Each character in the game has unique personality actions and moves, and by combining different skills, more variations can be provided in battles. Players need to constantly unlock new poses and actions. Next, let me share with you how to make this classic 3D graffiti game cooler!

[New Style, Smooth Combos]

In the previous introduction of “Graffiti,” we found a new experience called “unlimited combos.” When you use a set of combo attacks during a battle and meet the requirements (e.g., press A twice in a row), a special close-up shot will be triggered, showing all the combos and actions that the character possesses. If the requirements are not met, the combo will automatically fail.

In the game, each time you release a skill or attack, you will receive a certain cooldown time. After the cooldown ends, you can release skills or attacks again. Therefore, players need to pay attention to the release rhythm when using skills, so as not to miss opportunities~

[New Maps, Challenge Unlimited Possibilities]

“Graffiti” has many unique levels and challenges. Limited-time themed levels and challenges are available from Monday to Friday. Players can choose the difficulty level according to their preferences and needs, and can also challenge the BOSS mode in single-player, two-player, and multiplayer modes. In addition, “Graffiti” also has an innovative feature: the free matchmaking system. Players can invite friends to team up and participate in real-time competitive matches, or join other people’s teams for casual PK, making their victories and defeats more exciting!

In addition to these innovative designs, the game also includes some fun mini-games. For example, in some special levels, you will encounter various strange little animals. When you touch them, they will startle you! In certain scenes of battles, you will come across many interesting elements. For example, you can create a sea of flowers with spray props, or blow up the enemy’s head and feet with a grenade, and so on.

[Rich Activities, Easy Participation]

In addition to abundant gameplay and features, the game also offers many welfare activities, such as login rewards, sign-in rewards, recharge bonuses, and holiday rewards. Continuous login, continuous login rewards, and daily sign-in rewards all offer a large amount of in-game currency and diamonds for you to claim.

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