Exploring the Equipment Matching Strategy of Torchlight Mage (Ignite the Battlefield Star! The Secrets of Super Mage Equipment Revealed)

Exploring the Equipment Matching Strategy of Torchlight Mage (Ignite the Battle

Exploring the Equipment Matching Strategy of Torchlight Mage (Ignite the Battlefield Star! The Secrets of Super Mage Equipment Revealed). In this game, the mage is a very powerful profession and currently the only character with control, burst damage, and damage abilities. So, how should mages choose their equipment? Let’s find out together with the author.

【Skill Point Allocation】

First of all, the mage’s output ability is relatively weak, so when choosing skills, it is recommended to prioritize increasing damage and control effects. Secondly, consider survival aspects. If you want to improve damage, you can choose skill damage because it can not only cause area damage but also reduce enemy defenses, thereby enhancing your own combat ability!

Secondly, in terms of survival, it is recommended to prioritize increasing health points since the mage’s survival ability is crucial. Then there is the skill cooldown. This skill is quite useful for mages as it allows for longer output time during skill cooldown. Finally, consider life recovery because the mage’s skill cooldown is relatively short, and health points can help the mage recover a significant amount of health, avoiding being attacked by enemies.

【Recommended Sets】

As for sets, they mainly consist of three parts:

Headgear: Intelligence bonus, Strength bonus;

Body armor: Wisdom bonus, Constitution bonus;

Pants: Intelligence, Agility, Constitution bonus;

Bracelets: Intelligence, Luck, Stamina bonus;

Rings: Intelligence, Critical rate, Luck, Dodge chance.

These are the main contents of this guide!

Ignite the Battlefield Star! The Secrets of Super Mage Equipment Revealed

In “Super Mage”, equipment is something every player must pursue, so how can one obtain high-quality equipment? The author has compiled a list of equipment secrets in the game.

In the game, players can obtain various equipment materials through dungeons, quests, and the in-game mall, thereby improving their combat power. The attributes of equipment in “Super Mage” are quite impressive.

In addition to leveling up through dungeons, players can also enhance their equipment using equipment enhancement stones purchased from the in-game mall. These stones can be obtained from dungeons, daily quests, and activities. Furthermore, the equipment enhancement level cannot exceed the character’s level, so players need to upgrade their equipment in a timely manner.

Equipment enhancement has a certain success rate, but it is not 100% guaranteed. Each failed enhancement reduces the growth value of that attribute and generates a random attribute. Therefore, players can choose suitable attributes for enhancement based on their own needs.

In addition, equipment also has four attributes: enhancement crit, enhancement dodge, and enhancement health, which correspond to different attributes. When a player’s equipment is enhanced to level 5 and 6, additional critical attributes will be triggered. The higher the player’s equipment enhancement level, the greater the chance of a critical strike and the stronger the provided attribute value.

These are the information about equipment in “Super Mage” provided by the author. I hope it can help players go further in this game!

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