Conquering Shengwu’s Luxury Mansion, Mastering Feng Shui Mastery! (Decoding Shengwu’s Mansion Feng Shui, Mastering Heavenly Secret Techniques!)

Conquering Shengwu\’s Luxury Mansion, Mastering Feng Shui Mastery! (Decoding She

Conquering Shengwu’s Luxury Mansion, Mastering Feng Shui Mastery! (Decoding Shengwu’s Mansion Feng Shui, Mastering Heavenly Secret Techniques!) Conquering Shengwu’s Luxury Mansion, Mastering Feng Shui Mastery! (Decoding Shengwu’s Mansion Feng Shui, Mastering Heavenly Secret Techniques!)

《Conquering Shengwu》 is a fun mobile game that combines elements of idle, strategy, and development. Here, you can explore a magnificent and beautiful ancient tomb and obtain various treasures, even the legendary masterpieces! The game features dozens of characters with unique personalities and background stories. You can freely combine and match them to embark on adventurous challenges. You can enter their world with your favorite style and identity, or embark on an exciting “Monopoly” journey with your friends! The game utilizes card battle gameplay, where you play as a brave and clever character and build your own team by collecting cards.《Conquering Shengwu》 is a real-time strategy mobile game that combines strategy, casual, and development elements. You will play as a seasoned hero and compete against other players using your wisdom and strength. You can use randomly triggered card decks to deal with different battle situations and continuously improve your ability to achieve higher honor rankings.【About《Conquering Shengwu》】A innovative tower defense game that combines RPG and turn-based battles.In the open world filled with epic buildings, you will encounter many unknown events and find solutions. If you want to become a powerful figure, you need to accumulate experience and money during the game to constantly surpass yourself and reach the peak.Unlocking the Secrets of Shengwu’s Luxury Mansion Feng Shui, Mastering Unparalleled Techniques!In the game《Shengwu》,players’ homes are various types of luxury mansions, including “beds”, “bedrooms”, and “living rooms”. To obtain these furniture, players must have a master with good feng shui! So how can you improve the feng shui of your home?1. Upgrade the HouseIn《Shengwu》,players need to reach level 20 or above to open their first house. This means that to upgrade your second house, you must improve your character level. To upgrade the house, you can use silver or purchase and donate gold coins.2. Collect Items to Improve House Feng ShuiIn《Shengwu》,each piece of furniture has unique feng shui attributes. Players can adjust the corresponding types of furniture according to their preferences. For example, wooden carpets are suitable for the backyard, green vine carpets are suitable for the front courtyard, and yellow flower pots are suitable for indoor or garden placement. In addition, players can also place unwanted materials on the corresponding items.3. Upgrade FurnitureIn《Shengwu》,players can craft higher-level furniture using the furniture crafting table. After entering the game, players will automatically unlock the first furniture crafting table. Then, players need to click on “Function Menu-Life-Market-Grocery Store” in the lower right corner of the main interface to enter the grocery store. In the lower left corner of the grocery store, players can see a button with an icon. Clicking this button will open the synthesis page, and you can synthesize the materials you need to create furniture in the grocery store. However, synthesizing furniture requires a certain amount of copper coins and ingots, so players must use copper coins wisely.4. Recruit Assistants to Improve Mansion Feng ShuiIn addition to the aforementioned methods,《Shengwu》 also provides various powerful skills and moves for warriors. For example, attack-oriented sects have moves like “Combo” and “Vampire”, which can greatly increase the protagonist’s combat abilities. Support-oriented sects have moves like “Evade” and “Block”, and players can customize their moves according to their preferences to achieve the best effects and further enhance their strength.

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