Shinigami Awakening Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari Strong Team Combination Strategies! (Sōjirō Kamatari Line-Up Analysis, Comprehensive Matching Guide!)

Shinigami Awakening Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari Strong Team Combination Strategies

Shinigami Awakening Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari Strong Team Combination Strategies!

(Sōjirō Kamatari Line-Up Analysis, Comprehensive Matching Guide!) In the game Shinigami Awakening, players know that the higher the level of the character, the stronger their power becomes. When the character reaches level 100, their combat power becomes even stronger. Many players encounter challenges in team composition at this stage. Today, I will share with you the strong team combination strategies for Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari in Shinigami Awakening.

Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari Strong Team Combination:

Slot 1: Hachimaki Ginkōyu + Jūshirō Ukitake/Shūsuke Amagai

Slot 2: Byakko/Akane☆Night Talk + Tobirama Senju (or other strong damage dealer)

Slot 3: Renji Abarai + Protagonist/Usagui, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki

Slots 4 and 5: Jinzen Satsuma + Shunsui Kyōraku/Yoruichi Shihōin, Tōshirō Hitsugaya

Slot 6: Mikoto Misaka + Rukia Kuchiki, Ryōma Terasaka/Sasuke Uchiha, Ayase Aragaki

Slot 7: Jūbei Yagyū + Raikō Katana

Slot 8: Shinkyo Myōmon/Itachi Uchiha, Nobunaga Arakawa

Slot 9: Minato Namikaze

Slot 10: Kusanagi Kyo, Tsukuyomi

Slot 11: Toshirō Hijikata

Slot 12: Ryūtōkan Master + Tōdō Ginji

Slot 13: Sōsuke Aizen + Takahiro Sakurai

Slot 14: Ryōji Yamazaki + Hidekazu Ōtaki

Slot 15: Inuzuka Kiba/Kakarō Hanasaki

Slot 16: Shingyōsai/Tōzen/Minamoto no Shizuka + Inari Okami

Slot 17: Akatsuki Organization Member + Ookami

Slot 18: None

Slot 19: Izanagi/Robert + Jiraiya + Annie Leonhart

Shinigami Awakening Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari Line-Up Analysis, Comprehensive Matching Guide!

In the game Shinigami Awakening, Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari is currently the most powerful character and one of the most popular characters in the current version.

In Shinigami Awakening, Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari has extremely powerful skills. Before reaching level 100, he doesn’t have the attack range of other characters, so it is very difficult for players to cultivate this character to level 100. Below is a line-up analysis for Level 100 Sōjirō Kamatari, hoping to help everyone successfully cultivate this character.

1. Level 100 Character Introduction:

Character: Kusanagi Kyo (Initial SSR)

Class: Tactical

Star Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Attribute: Thunder

Type: Spirit Equipment

Fragment Acquisition: Ten consecutive draws

2. Recommended Line-Up:【Faction】Eight-headed Demon Snake ClanPosition: Control, Ranged BurstSpecialties:1. Close-range output character with strong control skills.2. Super long-range attacks with a dominant effect.3. Passive skill allows for fast movement during battles.4. High skill damage and certain chase ability.【Skill Analysis】Normal Attack: Long press to perform charged attack.Special Skill: Long press to release “Extreme” or “End,” can trigger multiple consecutive slashes.Ultimate Skill: Long press “Ultimate,” “Heaven,” or “Earth” to trigger multiple slashes, with the final hit having knockback effect.【Style Analysis】The core of this style is Kusanagi Kyo and Rukia Kuchiki, both of whom have excellent speed and attack range, making it easy to deal a large amount of damage to enemies. In PVE gameplay, this style can provide continuous output against enemies with low health in the “Endless Trial” dungeon. However, in BOSS stages, where there are fewer enemy frontliners, players need to pay attention to positioning and avoid unnecessary losses. Of course, if there are better matching strategies, you can also pair them with the protagonist to increase your own output.【Battle Tips】When facing BOSS, Kusanagi Kyo, as a melee character, has speed and attack range that other melee characters cannot compare with. Therefore, players need to use their skills flexibly to deal with enemies, using positioning and evading to ensure a smooth skill connection and deal more damage. When facing BOSS, since the enemy is a melee hero, the skill release is relatively simple, only requiring running or using normal attacks to easily defeat the opponent.

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