Matchstick Tower: Challenging the Limits of Building Empires! (Burning Matchstick Tower: Create Your Own Miracle with Flames!)

Matchstick Tower: Challenging the Limits of Building Empires! (Burning Matchstic

Matchstick Tower: Challenging the Limits of Building Empires! (Burning Matchstick Tower: Create Your Own Miracle with Flames!) Matchstick Tower: Challenging the Limits of Building Empires! “Burning Matchstick Observatory” is the world’s first 2D real-time adventure RPG based on the principles of physics, where players will play a new character named “Victoria”.

In this game, players will encounter various challenges, such as tasks in the game or challenging levels. There will be many puzzles to be solved, such as how to create your own miracle within a limited time.

In addition, there are some interesting settings, such as when you enter a room, you will see two NPCs representing humans and animals.

On these different NPCs, you can choose to use a special method to obtain new items. For example, use magic to fight against enemies, then use another skill to battle, or use a unique method to fight, such as using explosives to kill them.

Of course, these challenges will also bring you surprises, such as unlocking certain levels and achievements encountered in the game.

Burning Matchstick Tower: Create Your Own Miracle with Flames!

“Burning Matchstick Tower” is the world’s first 3D action mobile game based on the theme of “burning”. In the game, players will play a hero who saves the continent, protects the world, and defends the world.

As a classic single-player side-scrolling fighting game, “Burning Matchstick Tower” creates a world full of mystery with new gameplay and story modes. Here, players can explore various surprises, challenge together with friends, and create their own miracles!

[New BOSS Battle Opens a New Chapter]

As a qualified warrior, in “Burning Matchstick Tower”, you will encounter a powerful enemy boss—the Flame God! He possesses endless power and super defense, but at the same time, he is also the most dangerous one because the Flame God can release destructively dark magic that causes huge damage to the entire team. So, when you face him, you cannot escape his control!

[Monster Raid Upgrades]

As one of the special NPCs in “Burning Matchstick Apartment” (referred to as the Commission Center), the headquarters of Burning Matchstick Men is the first challenge level that all players enter. It has very sophisticated mechanism design, complex and huge scene design, and incredible speed. Its biggest highlight is that it constantly provides powerful energy to players. When the dark elements it summons touch you, they will explode and detonate the surrounding area. In the battle, players need to constantly switch to the flame form to attack. Only by attacking in the flame form can they fully unleash the dark power!

[Massive Resources Await Your Exploration]

As the exclusive copy of Burning Matchstick Tower (referred to as House of Matches): Flame God, “Burning Matchstick Hotel” (commonly known as Purgatory), players can experience various adventures here. In addition to various wonderful monsters, Burning Matchstick Tower also has a lot of rich resources waiting for you to explore.

In addition, “Burning Matchstick Restaurant” (commonly known as Devil’s Factory) [restores many secrets and hidden locations on the old street pipeline], Matchstick Man Supermarket (commonly known as Ash Factory)

[More exciting content continuously updated!]

“Burning Matchstick Parking Lot” (tentatively named “Scorching Sun Paradise”) (opened at 6 am on December 13) is the only separate multiplayer online competitive leisure PVP gameplay in “Burning Matchstick Tower” (opened at 10 am on November 1). It is the only base of Burning Matchstick Tower (tentatively named “Melting Furnace Base”) (tentatively named “Ironworks Era”). About the subsequent reports on this work, we will announce it tomorrow~

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