Crazy Speed Racing on the Track! (Challenge Limits and Become the King of Crazy Racing!)

Crazy Speed Racing on the Track! (Challenge Limits and Become the King of Craz

Crazy Speed Racing on the Track! (Challenge Limits and Become the King of Crazy Racing!) Crazy speed racing on the track! Challenge limits and become the king of crazy racing! (Click to view larger image)! “Crazy Track” is a casual mobile game in the parkour genre launched by Tencent Games. The game adopts a racing mode of play, and each player has their own exclusive racing car and skills to compete on different maps. Players earn points through continuous levels and receive rewards. The game offers a wide range of rewards, allowing players to obtain various rare items, giving you more time to experience the charm of this game.

[Beta Version] The beta version is divided into two parts: Android platform and iOS platform. The Android version is for closed testing, while the iOS version is for final testing. This test is a test version, and players need to download and install the test server client to access the beta version. During the testing period, players will have the opportunity to participate in the “National Events” activity, where they can experience more fun and exciting racing content, while also receiving rich gifts.

[Official Version] The official version will be launched on all platforms on July 28th and will open the recharge function. In the official version, players will have the chance to get great rewards. The official version will include a series of rewards such as new car paint and new pets, as well as many generous prize vouchers. The official version will continue until the end of August, so don’t miss out.

Challenge Limits and Become the King of Crazy Racing!

Challenge limits and become the king of crazy racing! “I am the Dark Horse” is the first multiplayer online racing mobile game. The game is loved by players for its super cool racing cars and dazzling special effects. Today, let’s learn about the new gameplay of “I am MT” – Challenge Limits.

Extreme challenges, challenge your speed! Extreme challenges are divided into two modes: “Straight Line” and “Curve”, and players can freely choose the type of race they want to participate in. Each mode has its own unique difficulty and reward settings, but after successfully completing the challenge, players can earn a large number of points and rare items as rewards.

In the game “I am Dark Horse”, each race has a time limit. Within the specified time, players need to complete the specified tasks, and when the progress of the task reaches 100%, they can successfully pass the level. However, it should be noted that random items will appear during the race, and these items can not only enhance your strength but also help you reach the finish line faster!

When you successfully pass the level, in addition to receiving generous rewards, you also have the chance to obtain the legendary S-class racing car: Rexella!

“I am Dark Horse” lets you experience the excitement of a real race track.

In order to allow everyone to better enjoy the exciting racing gameplay, “I am Dark Horse” (Mr. X) has also launched a series of fun activities. These activities will bring massive benefits to players, including permanent fashion items, diamonds, and more. There are also mystery prizes waiting for you to claim!

In addition, “I am Dark Horse (Mr. X)” also offers many fun mini-games, such as crazy speed racing, unlimited acceleration, and more, allowing all players to enjoy the most thrilling content. Additionally, players can receive generous rewards after the race ends.

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