Crazy Tribe: Battle Experience Sharing (Crazy Tribe: Adventure Journey in a Fantasy World)

Crazy Tribe: Battle Experience Sharing (Crazy Tribe: Adventure Journey in a Fan

Crazy Tribe: Battle Experience Sharing (Crazy Tribe: Adventure Journey in a Fantasy World) This mobile game has been popular among players before. Here, the editor brings you some battle experience of “Crazy Tribe: Adventure Journey in a Fantasy World”.

Firstly, let me share my own battle experience. Each character in the game can be upgraded, and each level increase will increase the corresponding attributes and skill levels.

Therefore, we need to first understand the effects of each skill, and then make reasonable combinations to maximize damage. Below is the editor’s introduction to all character skills:


The Swordsman is a ranged damage-dealing profession with decent control abilities and a certain amount of physical attack power. It is a very good character.


The Mage is a profession specializing in magical attacks, with powerful area damage abilities, decent magic defense capabilities and HP. It is a powerful character.


The Priest is a support-type character that can bring good healing effects to the team, and also has a certain amount of damage output abilities. It is a very strong healing character.


The Magus is a support-type profession with strong healing and auxiliary abilities, as well as strong magical attack capabilities. It can also provide various buffs to teammates, making it a powerful support character.

Crazy Tribe: Adventure Journey in a Fantasy World

“Crazy Tribe” is a mobile online game that combines Western magic elements with classic role-playing and strategy gameplay elements. The game uses a brand-new 3D engine, inheriting the “adventure” and “battle” elements while incorporating many innovative elements.

【Graphics】The style of this game is completely different from traditional card games. The graphics are very simple, fresh, and natural. There are two buttons in the lower right corner of the game. The first one is “Graphics”. Clicking on graphics allows you to view the entire game screen and adjust the graphics quality. The better the graphics quality, the more exquisite the visuals. The second one is “Features”. Clicking on the features button takes you to the features list.

【Controls】The controls of the game are simple. Clicking on the “Skills”, “Equipment”, and “Items” buttons on the right side of the screen allows you to release skills. If you find it inconvenient, you can also directly click on the skill button to use that skill. Of course, this skill still needs to be continuously upgraded and enhanced by the player during battles.


All the systems in the game are quite novel, including instances, quests, activities, etc. In these contents, players can obtain various materials and items; and can also obtain more powerful heroes through synthesis. These items and materials can be dropped during battles.

【Character Development】The systems in the game are quite rich. In addition to leveling up and enhancing, players can also train their pets and heroes. Pets can be leveled up and evolved through feeding; heroes can improve their strength through evolution. After evolution, the appearance of the hero will undergo a huge change, and the hero’s appearance will also change. There are also some functions that do not require the player to complete, just need to click on the corresponding functional button to activate it.

All the above contents are part of the game that players are familiar with. Everyone can try them out during the game!

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