The Chaos of True Element Determines Victory (Cutting through True Element Determines Victory for a Thousand Miles)

The Chaos of True Element determines victory in battle (cutting through True El

The Chaos of True Element determines victory in battle (cutting through True Element) for a thousand miles. I believe many friends are not very clear about this, so let me introduce the Chaos of True Element that determines victory in battle (cutting through True Element) for a thousand miles. Interested friends can come and learn about it.

Decisive Battle of the Army

Decisive Battle Field is one of the daily gameplays in “True Element Qiankun OL”, open all day long. The decisive battle is a single-player PVE gameplay. Players can earn points by killing monsters, defeating divine beasts, and defeating bosses to obtain rich rewards when they reach a specified number of points.

The decisive battle has three stages: when entering, players can choose different entry time periods, and the number of players entering at different difficulties varies. However, only one spiritual pet can be deployed in each activity, and the number of players entering each stage will gradually increase as the activity time progresses.

When entering, players can click on the teleport button on the map to go to the corresponding location for teleportation, or they can quickly reach the target location through the “auto pathfinding” feature in the lower left corner of the screen. They can also directly return to the army field of their own faction through the “return immediately” function on the right side of the screen without entering the army field again.

After entering the decisive battle field, players can freely set their own entry time and move freely on the map during entry. After moving to the corresponding location, they can start the decisive battle. After the decisive battle is over, the system will give corresponding rankings based on the player’s points.

Preparation before the Battle

In the decisive battle field, each decisive battle has an initial 10 minutes of battle time. Players can earn points rewards by completing tasks within the specified time. When a player’s points reach 100 points, they can receive rewards. The higher the points, the better the quality of the rewards. Points rewards can be exchanged for rare items, including mount fragment chests, experience pills, artifact fragments, and enhancement stones, in the “merit shop” in the decisive battle field.

Players in the decisive battle field have three chances per day. After each battle, one chance will be deducted. Players can check their current points and ranking situation through the “scoreboard” at the bottom of the interface. The chances will be reset at 4 am every Monday.

Players in the decisive battle field have three types of revival coins. Players can use revival coins to revive at any location within the battle scene. After revival, the player’s health and status will be restored to the initial state, and players can consume revival coins to continue challenging bosses.

After the player dies in the decisive battle field, they will be teleported back to the decisive battle field and recorded by the system. Players can use the “teleport to the city” button to return to the decisive battle field again.

Cutting through True Element Determines Victory for a Thousand Miles

True Element is one of the oldest elements in “Determining Victory for a Thousand Miles”.

When players are on the battlefield, they often encounter individuals who are invaded by the enemy and unable to extricate themselves. At this time, they need to defeat them with their own strength.

So how can you cut through True Element?

In order to break through “True Element”, you must first defeat the enemy’s main general. This main general will automatically be lifted when players reach level 20 and their combat power is not much different from that of the enemy. Therefore, everyone must strive to improve their own strength.

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