Nine Heavenly Realm of Immortals, Nirvana Eternal Life (Explore the Fantastic Realm of Immortals)

Nine Heavenly Realm of Immortals, Nirvana Eternal Life (Explore the Fantastic Re

Nine Heavenly Realm of Immortals, Nirvana Eternal Life (Explore the Fantastic Realm of Immortals) Nine Heavenly Realm of Immortals, Nirvana Eternal Life Nine Heavenly Realm of Immortals, Nirvana Eternal Life (Explore the Fantastic Realm of Immortals). Immortal Realm is a very fun game, and today the editor will bring you this mobile game. In this game, there are many interesting places that need to be explored and discovered by players themselves.

There are many fun gameplay in the game, and the editor will introduce one of them: the new gameplay in the latest version of Immortal Realm, “Thousand Mechanism Pavilion” – the Nine Heavenly Realm “Nirvana Eternal Life” (Endless life)!

On September 8th, Immortal Realm released a new expansion pack called “Hundred Ghosts Tour”. After players enter the new expansion pack, they will unlock a brand new “challenge system”. In the Nine Heavenly Gate, there are 10 levels, and players can obtain a large amount of cultivation, spiritual energy, coins, and ingots rewards for each level they pass. As players’ levels increase, more levels and dungeon gameplay will be unlocked!

In the latest expansion pack released on September 8th, Immortal Realm not only opened up functions such as synthesis and refining of level 9 equipment but also added many new gameplay contents!

On September 14th, Immortal Realm will update a new character, “Wandering the Four Seas · Li Shimin”! Players can participate in various gameplay and obtain a large number of resources through in-game “Shop-Items – Nine Turns Golden Pill”, “Nine Turns Scriptures”, and “Arena”, allowing them to increase their combat power!

In the new expansion pack “Invasion of the Demon World” released on September 16th, besides the new character, “Wandering the Four Seas,” the “Mountain and River Map” will also be opened over time.

Players can go to the “Cave Mansion” interface after reaching level 80, and after entering this interface, they can click on the “Daily Tasks”, “Achievements”, and “Bounty List” buttons on the right menu bar to view all completed tasks and collect corresponding rewards.

Endless Life, Explore the Fantastic Realm of Immortals

The fantastic realm of “Immortal Realm” is the place where players most often play in the game.

The instances in “Immortal Realm” are divided into two types:

1. Solo instances. Players can enter once a day. After clearing a solo instance, they can obtain rewards.

2. Multiplayer team instances. Players can form a team of three or four in the instance to challenge it. After clearing the instance, they will receive generous equipment rewards. However, if the team is not full, no rewards will be obtained.

There is a time limit for instances, and players must defeat all the monsters within the specified time. Characters who die in the instance cannot be revived, and players can only remedy this with ingots.

Players need to have a full team of five to enter the instance.

After entering the instance, players will enter a new scene.

Each scene has many monsters waiting for players to eliminate.

Elite and boss-level enemy units will randomly appear among the monsters. By killing these units, players can obtain a large amount of experience, coins, and equipment, and also have a chance to obtain rewards such as gems and spirit beads.

In each instance, players can deploy up to five companions. Each companion has their own talent attributes and unique skills. Different companions will have different attribute bonuses and special effects. Players can adjust their companions’ positions and skill release order according to their own situation.

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