Comprehensive Analysis of RO Eternal Love Merchant Professional Skills! (RO New Profession Merchant Job Change Raiders, Building the Most Profitable Business Empire!)

In RO Eternal Love, each profession has three specialized directions, and Mercha

In RO Eternal Love, each profession has three specialized directions, and Merchant is one of them. For a profession, there are three choices, namely gathering, manufacturing, and alchemist. Among them, the professional skills of Merchants are relatively simple and easy to learn, suitable for players who enjoy grinding and leveling up in dungeons. Now, let’s take a look at the comprehensive evaluation of Warrior Merchant and Mage Merchant in RO mobile game!

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1. Swordsman: a melee damage dealer who is good at using two-handed swords and has fast attack speed.

2. Archer: a ranged profession who excels at using crossbows and has long attack range.

3. Mage: a ranged profession who is skilled at summoning magic monsters for battle.

4. Priest: a priest can help teammates with healing.

5. Assassin: an assassin can quickly approach enemies and inflict fatal damage.

6. Monk: a monk can use axes to perform frontal attacks.

7. Wizard: a wizard can unleash powerful area control skills.


1. Cavalier (Shield Men): a defensive profession that can increase its defense and HP.

2. Rogue (Leather Women): a close-range attacker with high evasion and critical rate.

3. Artillery (Iron Women): has good physical defense and can use hammers for blocking.

4. Dancer (Hairpin Women): excels at summoning spirits for battle and can use skills like whirlwind slash for AOE damage.


For materials, they can mainly be obtained through dungeon drops. Defeating bosses or killing monsters in dungeons can have a chance to drop materials. The better the quality of the materials, the higher the drop rate! The quality of materials is related to the level of equipment.

There are several ways to obtain materials:

1. Dungeon drops

2. Field bosses

3. Purchase from the shop

Above is the comprehensive analysis of Merchant profession skills in RO Eternal Love. Hope it can help everyone. Please stay tuned for more exciting content in the RO Eternal Love section.

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