Ultimate Storm 2.0: New Screenshots of Naruto Revealed, Revolution in Ninjutsu Championship! (Storm game strategy: Mastering the Ultimate Ninjutsu, Creating Your Own Ninja Legend!)

Ultimate Storm 2.0: New Screenshots of Naruto Revealed, Revolution in Ninjutsu

Ultimate Storm 2.0: New Screenshots of Naruto Revealed, Revolution in Ninjutsu Championship! (Storm game strategy: Mastering the Ultimate Ninjutsu, Creating Your Own Ninja Legend!) Official announcement of Ultimate Storm 2.0 reveals that updates will be made to “Ultimate Ninjutsu” and “Ultimate Ninja Chronicles”, providing players with a more diverse and interesting experience.

Revolutionary adjustments in the Ninjutsu Championship of Ultimate Storm 2.0 are as follows:

1. Ninja level cap increased from 30 to 90;

2. Skill cooldown time increased from 4 minutes to 10 and a half minutes;

3. Addition of a new secret scroll “Swift Techniques”.

4. Duel battleground changed to “Hidden Mist Village”;

5. Arena mode changed to 5v5 mode;

6. Faster battle pace;

7. Increased selection of secret scrolls and equipment;

8. Optimized and upgraded ninja portraits, making it easier to display one’s strength;

9. Increased reputation obtained during battles;

10. Added Ninjutsu treasures and secret scrolls;

11. New items “Secret Medicine Pack” and “Secret Points” added to Secret Shop;

12. Battle ranking added;

13. Point rules added to Ninja World War, players with higher points will receive more rewards;

14. New challengers added in the Duel arena;

15. Added ranking for the Duel arena, top 100 players will receive additional titles;

16. Duel shop added gold and jade items;

17. Duel arena added ninja tool fragments;

18. Duel shop added a mysterious rune;

19. Spirit Beast “Pepper Fish” added to Hidden Shop;

20. “Lightning Style: Great Dragon Flame Formation” added to Secret Realm Dungeon, players can obtain large amounts of money upon completion;

21. New hidden adventure task “Night of Perdition” added;

22. After the new season starts, new game modes “Illusion Conquest” and “Infiltration of the Anbu Black Ops” will be available, along with cross-server matchmaking function;

23. New secret scroll “Mind’s Eye” added! Hidden adventure tasks will provide new secret techniques;

24. New secret scroll “Shadow Healing Destruction” (Secret Sword) added, secret scrolls will add special effects to secret techniques.

Storm Game Strategy: Mastering the Ultimate Ninjutsu, Creating Your Own Ninja Legend!

As a mobile game with ninja theme, “Storm” has obvious differences in gameplay compared to traditional “DOTA Legends”. The core “Ultimate Ninjutsu” system allows players to experience the real combat thrill in the game. As a fighting mobile game, in “Storm”, players need to master the secret techniques of various legendary ninjas to enhance their own strength and create their own ninja legend!

First of all, to become an excellent ninja master, one must first learn the Ultimate Ninjutsu! “Storm” has a wide variety of Ultimate Ninjutsu, and players need to continuously challenge dungeons and gain more experience points to improve their own strength. How can players level up quickly in “Storm”? First, after entering the “Storm” game, click on the right side of the main interface, go to “Adventure” and then “Secret Realm”. On the adventure page, players will see a “Hidden Treasure” on the left side of the game interface. Click on “Hidden Treasure” to enter that page. Secret scroll skills are unique skills in “Storm”, each skill has different effects, players can choose suitable secret techniques according to their preferences, and they can also cause damage to enemies.

In addition to Ultimate Ninjutsu, “Storm” also has a set of exclusive equipment that can be unlocked after reaching level 15. When the character reaches level 30, they will obtain “Talent Points” (obtained through completing tasks). In “Storm”, players can directly enhance their combat power to the extreme, so one of the secrets to increasing combat power is to constantly level up, upgrade treasures, and secret techniques. Treasures can provide a large number of attribute bonuses and are indispensable for increasing combat power.

In addition to Ultimate Ninjutsu, ninjas can also use secret techniques to increase their attributes and combat abilities. In “Storm”, each ninja has three skills, and players need to constantly collect secret keys to synthesize secret techniques and advance the ninjas. Secret techniques are divided into three levels: normal quality, high-quality, and ultimate quality. Secret techniques can greatly increase the attributes and combat power of the entire team. Secret techniques have multiple types, and each secret scroll can only be used once. Players can freely match secret techniques according to their own needs!

In addition to the above secret techniques, “Storm” also has some unique special skills for players to choose and match. For example, “Water Style: Raiton” has a chance to paralyze and stun the enemy for a period of time. “Ice Style: Ice Pillar” creates a giant ice pillar in the original position, dealing multiple hits to the enemy target, causing physical damage with each attack. “Wind Style: Gale” increases the movement speed of all allied members for a short period of time.

In addition, the secret techniques in “Storm” play a decisive role in battles. Each secret technique in “Storm” has a unique effect. As long as players match the corresponding secret techniques according to the characteristics of the ninja, they can become more powerful!

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