Ultimate God Martial Pet Combination Guide! (Creating a unique God Martial pet lineup!)

Ultimate God Martial Pet Combination Guide! (Creating a unique God Martial pet

Ultimate God Martial Pet Combination Guide! (Creating a unique God Martial pet lineup!) Ultimate God Martial Pet Combination Guide! Creating a unique God Martial pet lineup! Many friends may not be clear about this. Next, I will introduce the Ultimate God Martial Pet Combination Guide for everyone! Creating a unique God Martial pet lineup! Interested friends can come and learn.

God Martial Pet Combination Guide!

1. Magic Pet: Dragon Woman (Magic output), Hydra (Physical output), Ghost Tiger (Magic spell output), Phoenix (Meat shield), Heavenly Soldier (Control).

2. Speed Pet: Auspicious Beast (Assistant), Fox (Healer), Turtle Prime Minister (Pure meat), Water Element, Ghost General.

3. Blood and Endurance Pet: Sword Aura (Physical attack).

4. Hidden Attack Pet: Cat Woman (Mage output).

5. Special Pet: Monkey, Vampire, Black Bear (Control), Panda (Output), Elephant (Meat shield).

6. Mutated Pet: Lotus Fairy (Physical output), Soul Devouring Enchantress (Mutation), Wind Boar (Control).


1. The attributes and growth of the pet are the key factors determining the strength of a player. Therefore, we must choose pets that suit us. Do not blindly pursue a certain type of pet, otherwise, you will become stronger and stronger.

2. Every player can carry a pet they want to cultivate, but they must pay attention to whether their pet has reached the carrying condition, otherwise, they cannot carry it.

Create a Unique God Martial Pet Lineup!

“God Martial” pet combination, create a unique God Beast lineup! Pets in the God Martial mobile game are divided into physical attack, magic attack, support, and balanced types. The relatively poor balance has led to most players’ pet combinations being relatively monotonous.

So how should we arrange the pet lineup in “God Martial”? Here, I will share a God Martial pet combination strategy, hoping to help everyone!

In the God Martial game, there are many types of pets, and each type of pet has different attributes, skills, and growth. Therefore, in order to create a perfect combination, we must first understand what type of pet we need!

Physical type: high burst, high damage, suitable for PK;

Magic type: high AOE burst, suitable for grinding;

Support type: resurrection, healing, and blood-boosting, suitable for tasks;

Balanced type: strong survivability, suitable for boss fights.

Pet Combination Tips:

1. Choose appropriate pets, such as choosing pets with high attack aptitude if they have group attacks, such as vampires.

2. Choose skill combinations: Pet skills can be divided into three types: physical-type pet, magic-type pet, and balanced-type pet.

3. Choose suitable pets, which can make your team stronger.

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