Shikiya Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Fantastic Adventure of Blue Dye Strategy (Exploring the Mysterious Micro-light Territory with Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Playing with Blue Dye Strategy)

Shikiya Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Fantastic Adventure of Blue Dye Strategy (Explorin

Shikiya Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Fantastic Adventure of Blue Dye Strategy (Exploring the Mysterious Micro-light Territory with Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Playing with Blue Dye Strategy) is a card-based mobile game adapted from the anime. This game was officially released last year, but is it going online this year? I believe many people don’t know, so let’s take a look together!

One of the most distinctive characters in the “Shikiya: Kami Aizen Oda Nobunaga” series is “Kami Aizen Hanehito”. This character is based on the prototype of “Amakusa Shirou” in the manga, and appears in works such as “World of Warcraft” (Japanese feudal era), “Sword Art Online”, “Fairy’s Treasure”, and “Dark Heritage”. In this game, players will play as the protagonist “Moko” to investigate what happened in the mysterious village, fight, explore, and fight against monsters together with the cursed people.

First of all, what you need to know is the cause and reason behind the stories of “White Snake Biography”, “Red Clothed Holy Messenger”, “Black Nightshade Princess”, “Tsukimiyano Sakura”, and “Nanami”, as well as the “Seven Seas Chronicles”. So, in the game, players play a white-haired boy who came to a world called “Yaedo” where players will meet many interesting friends, such as Konan, Aku, and even a male warrior who can transform into a female warrior… These are familiar characters, and the most attractive thing among them is the relationship between them.

Secondly, in the game, players will encounter many plot options, including plot levels, plot quests, and some side quests, etc. These side missions can allow players to obtain various different rewards. For example, the game’s achievement system allows players to receive a large amount of money.

Finally, there is a very important function, which is “summoning”. Each character in the game can match themselves with a unique lineup and can use various skills and items to enhance the team’s combat power. It can be said to be a very powerful combination.

Above is the introduction of Shikiya Kami Aizen Basara Xiu Lude, I hope it can help everyone.

Play with Kami Aizen Sumisuke: Exploring the Mysterious Micro-light Territory

Kami Aizen Sumisuke is a swordsman and the strongest warrior in the Divine Realm. His skills are also extremely powerful, just like in “Kami Aizen Haw Fang”. In the game, he not only possesses gorgeous and cool combo skills and super high damage ultimate skills, but also has excellent survival ability. In the game, he also has super high output damage, life recovery ability, etc. He will explore the mysterious micro-light territory with the player and obtain a large number of equipment upgrade materials.

[Kami Aizen Akinobu]

Kami Aizen Xiyale was born as a member of the ancient monster clan on the coast of the East China Sea. Despite losing self-consciousness after being sealed, he still adheres to his inner belief and is willing to pay any price to protect his own will. In “Kami Aizen Wingman Legend”, Xiyale is a powerful warrior who excels in close combat and has very high attack power.

[Divine Blue Spirit King Ao Bing]

As a warrior, he is a hero who can fight and resist. He can not only charge into the enemy formation, but also cause huge physical damage to the enemy!

[Divine White Saint Fighter Si Yu]

Si Yu is a strong and powerful character, and his ultimate move “Sky Thunder Slash” is also very powerful! In battle, players can use the divine white armor to cause a large amount of magical damage to the surrounding area and reduce its defense.

[White Feather Transformation Master Jiang Yingji Kunzi]

Like Sasuke, Jiang Yingji is also a powerful spellcaster. Jiang Yingji’s skills mainly consist of ranged magic damage. The ultimate move “Dragon’s Roar Storm” can release a tornado for group attacks.

In summary, this young man in “Shikiya: Kami Aizen Russian Chapter” not only has strong explosive power, but also has excellent endurance. In the game, his skill combination is very diverse, and whether it is single target or AOE, it is very powerful. On the battlefield, he will become your most reliable frontline partner.

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