How to become a top-level Fruit Ninja Master (Unlocking the secret techniques of Fruit Ninja upgrade cheats)

How to become a top-level Fruit Ninja Master (Unlocking the secret techniques of

How to become a top-level Fruit Ninja Master (Unlocking the secret techniques of Fruit Ninja upgrade cheats) Fruit Ninja, as an action-adventure game, is quite challenging in terms of player skills and reaction abilities. Today, we will introduce how to become a top-level Fruit Ninja Master, hoping to bring some help to everyone.

The game rule is to slice all the fruits and make them fall to the rightmost side of the screen to win; the game time is 60 seconds, and rewards will be automatically calculated and distributed after each round; at the end of the game, the corresponding number of coins, diamonds, etc. will be awarded based on the score.

How to become a top-level Fruit Ninja Master (Unlocking the secret techniques of Fruit Ninja upgrade cheats)

Unlocking the secret techniques of Fruit Ninja upgrades

“Fruit Ninja” is the world’s first mobile casual game, with gameplay similar to classic arcade mode, cool combos, and endless fruits. In this side-scrolling game with “slicing” as the core, players control a cute monkey and continuously slice every fruit on the screen by holding their fingers on the screen. Slicing the fruits will earn a large number of points, and when the points are sufficient, you can upgrade your Fruit Ninja skills!

There are three levels of fruits in the game, namely blue bananas, yellow apples, and red mangoes.

Before the start of the game, players can choose any kind of banana to slice. Each slice requires 3 starfruits, and if starfruits are not enough, 5 starfruit items need to be used.

Each time a fruit is sliced, there will be a noticeable change in its appearance. After slicing a whole row of fruits, the fruits will enter a frenzy state, which allows them to grow rapidly.

In addition, new fruits will constantly appear at the lower right corner of the screen while slicing fruits, and the number of sliced fruits will increase. Before slicing the fruits, a circle of golden light balls will appear at the top of the screen. The current number of coins you have will be displayed on the left side of the game screen, and the number of coins will increase as your level increases. Additionally, lightning and bombs in the game will also have an impact on the fruits.

The game interface is very simple and clear. There are three numbers in the lower left corner: score, time, score bonus, and combo score. Various fruits will appear randomly in the central area of the screen. Fruits will continuously fall from above on the right side of the screen. When a fruit falls, all the fruits in the game screen will fly up and fall to the ground together. At this time, players just need to click on the fruits on the screen, and the fruits will fall into the center of the screen. Then, the system will automatically send the player to the reward area on the left side of the screen.

The combo score in the game is similar to the number of fruits sliced, such as watermelons and pineapples. The more combo score, the higher the combo points obtained. Moreover, there will be some special fruits appearing in the game, such as orange double-layered ice cream, which will bounce up a green bubble when the fruit falls and bring a high score of 10.

In addition, different effects can be achieved by switching different fruits during the game. The effects obtained may vary depending on the slicing method. In Fruit Ninja, the attributes and effects of sliced fruits are random. Therefore, in a good slicing situation, it is best to slice suitable fruits as much as possible and then slice all these fruits.

Above are the related strategies of the “Fruit Ninja” mobile game that the editor brought to everyone today. Do you all understand them? I hope this strategy can help everyone. For more mobile game strategies, please follow the mobile game website!

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