Never Stop the Fire! Revealing the New Gameplay of CrossFire Experience Forum (Relive the Classics! CrossFire Experience Forum Lists the Most Explosive Equipment Comeback)

Never Stop the Fire! Revealing the New Gameplay of CrossFire Experience Forum (R

Never Stop the Fire! Revealing the New Gameplay of CrossFire Experience Forum (Relive the Classics! CrossFire Experience Forum Lists the Most Explosive Equipment Comeback). The CF mobile game was officially updated on December 15th, and the highlights of this update can be categorized into two:

First: Challenge Mode – Extreme ChallengeChallenge Mode is the most important content of this update and also one of the players’ favorite gameplay. In the Extreme Challenge mode, players need to continuously kill enemies in the map to ultimately achieve victory and obtain rewards. At the same time, there are also some hidden bosses waiting to be discovered in the Challenge Mode.

Second: Challenge Mode – Trial ChallengeTrial Challenge is a solo gameplay where players can engage in single combat and team competition. The challenge mode in Trial Challenge can be played solo or in teams, with the team challenge mode being more fun. In solo challenge mode, players need to kill enemies to obtain rewards, and they can also engage in team PvP gameplay. In this challenge mode, players can challenge and defeat powerful bosses together with other players.

Lastly, there is the Blast Mode – Defense PointIn Defense Point, players need to protect their own points from being occupied by other players. During the defense, players need to be aware of the enemy’s movements to prevent their points from being taken over.

The rewards in the Blast Mode are very generous, including various weapons, characters, and items, as well as many rare weapons. Moreover, in the blast maps of the Blast Mode, there are many hidden chests and bosses for players to discover. These chests and bosses can appear randomly, and players will be rewarded once they defeat the boss, which could be gold coins, diamonds, or other items.

[Summary]This update has a lot of content, and the most attention-grabbing one is the players’ evaluation of the new gameplay “Challenge Mode.” Because in this Challenge Mode, players can team up with other players to defeat powerful bosses and gain rewards. Therefore, in the Challenge Mode, players will be able to earn more money and richer items. This allows players to experience a more exciting combat style.

Relive the Classics! CrossFire Experience Forum Lists the Most Explosive Equipment Comeback

Since the launch of the CrossFire PC version, it has been loved by many players. With the increasing content updates in the experience server, players’ demand for weapons has also been gradually increasing. Today, the editor will introduce to you several popular firearms that have been leaked, hoping to help you relive the classics!

First, let’s talk about the M4A1-Thor! As an old-school weapon, the M4A1 performs very well in the game. In the early stages of the game, the M4A1-Thor had a high cost-effectiveness, especially in the Blast Mode.

M240B-Cyan DragonThe M240B-Cyan Dragon is a decent sidearm, but as a secondary weapon, its power is too low and its reloading speed is too slow. Therefore, it is more suitable to use the M240B-Cyan Dragon in team modes.

Barrett SeriesBarrett series firearms can be said to be popular equipment loved by many players. In the Blast Mode, the power of the Barrett is undisputed. Players who use Barrett in team modes belong to the kind of one-shot-kills situation. Players who use Barrett in the Blast Mode aim to defeat their opponents.

Nepal SeriesThe Nepal series firearms are very suitable for sniper battles. Although Nepal series rifles are close-range combat weapons, their stability is very strong. They can easily take down distant enemies in challenges.

AK47 SeriesIn the Blast Mode, AK47 can be said to be the easiest firearm to obtain. In the Challenge Mode, AK47 is a very powerful close-range combat weapon.

AK47-Scarlet DragonAK47-Scarlet Dragon is a classic hero-level weapon. In the Challenge Mode, AK47-Scarlet Dragon is a good close-quarters combat weapon with considerable damage.

M249 Mobile ForceThe weapon of the Mobile Force is a classic mobile rifle. In the Challenge Mode, the M249 Mobile Force enables players to quickly move to the target.

The appearance of these three sets of weapons has made them a highlight of CrossFire. They perform exceptionally well in Challenge Mode and Biohazard Mode. If you like sniping, these two weapons are your best choice!

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