Dancing Stars, Enjoy Lucky Moments! (Dancing Star: Passionate Dancing, Win Lucky Prizes!)

Dancing Stars, Enjoy Lucky Moments! (Dancing Star: Passionate Dancing, Win Lucky

Dancing Stars, Enjoy Lucky Moments! (Dancing Star: Passionate Dancing, Win Lucky Prizes!) The official authorized music dance mobile game “Dancing Stars” by Dancing Stars will start its first test at 11:00 am on November 7th. During the closed beta test, players who log in to the game can participate in the Lucky Moments activity.

Lucky Moments is divided into 4 stages, and each stage will have different surprises waiting for everyone to claim. The rewards for the first, second, third, and fourth stages are fixed, while the rewards for the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth stages will be more generous, and you can also win additional diamond prizes!

After the Lucky Moments activity is launched, a lucky user will be randomly selected every day to receive prizes. If you win a prize, the system will automatically move to the next day’s sign-in interface.

Players can draw for free 10 times a day. If you want more drawing opportunities, you will need to spend 30 yuan, and the rewards obtained on that day will be sent directly to your email. When you claim the rewards, the system will also return a corresponding proportion based on your cumulative sign-in days!

Dancing Star: Passionate Dancing, Win Lucky Prizes!

The Dancing Star will soon start a new round of closed beta testing. During this round of testing, players can obtain a large number of rewards by completing tasks, and the rewards for this activity include: passionate dance and lucky prizes.

Passionate Dancing! Win Lucky Prizes.

Dancing Star has prepared a very exciting parachute gameplay and a massive coin reward for all players~ In Dancing Star, players can participate in 3 free passionate dances and 4 carnival activities every week! During the activity period, players can freely choose the locations they want to go to, as long as they arrive at the specified scene within the designated time period, they can get money and props for free!

Carnival Activity:

Carnival Activity Time: From now until September 12, 23:59:59.

In the Carnival Activity, players need to collect gold bars in a designated area. When the gold bars are fully collected, you can claim the lucky prizes! When the number of gold crowns reaches a certain amount, you can win the lucky prize, which has a chance to produce rare gifts such as the “Fashion Expert” set and permanent light-effect clothing.

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