Analysis of the Unique Skill Attributes of the Vampire in Dota Legend (Exploring the Mysterious Vampire Skill in Dota Legend)

Analyzing the unique skill attributes of the vampire in Dota Legend (exploring

Analyzing the unique skill attributes of the vampire in Dota Legend (exploring the mysterious vampire skill in Dota Legend). Today, the editor brings you the game Dota Legend. In the recent version update, the new hero Vampire is officially introduced. As a front-row physical damage dealer, he possesses strong control and survivability abilities, and he can also provide powerful recovery for his team. Below is the information introduction about the skills of the Vampire, hoping to be helpful for everyone.

[“New Content”]

1. “Sword and Expedition” will be launched on April 28th! The new hero “Xiao Bingbing” will take you into this wonderful world;

2. Added the prophecy pool gameplay: the prophecy pool will have a chance to drop precious items such as new hero soul stones and rare costume scrolls!

3. Optimized some interface displays:

1) Fixed the problem of lag in some interface displays;

2) Fixed the problem of flickering errors under the hero’s avatar in certain situations;

3) Corrected the issue of the hero’s overhead display box in certain cases;

4) Optimized the position of the prompt text appearing on the left side of the main interface in certain cases, making it clearer to appear at the bottom of the screen.

5. Added a brand new “Vampire Exclusive Equipment” open to all players, please pay attention and check it out!

6. Added new “Sanctuary Guard” and “Curse City” (can be obtained through Elite Dungeon Chapter 13-Bone Island), allowing players to experience the fun brought by the “Vampire Exclusive Awakening Equipment” faster~!

Explore the mysterious vampire blood-sucking skills in Dota Legend

Since its launch, “Dota Legend” has always been loved by players, especially in terms of hero skills and attributes. Today, the editor will introduce a detailed guide on the vampire skills in the game. If players want to understand the vampire hero, they must read this guide!

【Hero Crystal Vampire Attribute Guide】

Hero: Vampire

Full Star Level: ★★

Full Level Attribute:

Strength: 20

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 15

Maximum Health: 5000

Physical Attack Power: 60

Magic Power: 0

Physical Armor: 3

Magic Resistance: 2

Physical Critical Strike: 3

Life Steal Level: Unknown

【Artifact Equipment – Bloodthirster, Vampire Exclusive Equipment】

The vampire’s awakening equipment, Soul Sucker, greatly enhances his health, attack, and physical armor, making his endurance on the battlefield more sustainable, and his ability to engage in prolonged combat more outstanding.

【Skill Analysis of Vampire Hero】

Blood Sacrifice: Absorb opponent’s health to gain energy. After the opponent’s energy is depleted, release the Bloodlust, causing a large amount of damage and slow effect to all enemies.

This skill can prevent enemy heroes from recovering their own health for a certain period of time. Therefore, the vampire’s life steal skill is very good, but it also has a drawback that it wastes a lot of output time once energy is absorbed.

Blood Demon’s Coming: Summon two avatars to increase the health and armor of all friendly heroes.

This is a powerful healing skill, but it should be noted that only the Blood Demon’s ultimate can increase his own health.

【Skill Analysis of Vampire Hero】

Blood Sacrifice: The vampire uses his own blood for sacrifice, causing damage to all units on the field and reducing the enemy’s health with a certain probability.

This is a very powerful skill because the Blood Demon’s ultimate can bring health recovery to all friendly units and increase their life steal ability. It is a very powerful skill, but since this skill can only boost all friendly heroes, it still needs to be paired with another hero, such as Abaddon and Luna, in order to achieve maximum output efficiency!

The above guide is from the respected user @Sanye_Dada on Tieba.

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