Shining Blade: An Epic Action Adventure Game Developed by Youzu Network! (Pocket Mo Yu: Youzu Network’s First Fantasy Adventure World at Your Fingertips!)

Shining Blade: An epic action adventure game developed by Youzu Network! (Pocke

Shining Blade: An epic action adventure game developed by Youzu Network! (Pocket Mo Yu: Youzu Network’s first fantasy adventure world at your fingertips!) Shining Blade: An epic action adventure game developed by Youzu Network!

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“Fantasy Beast Continent” is a beautifully rendered 3D RPG mobile game with role-playing as the main element. While introducing the world’s first “light turn-based battle” mode, “Pocket Mo Yu” also brings players a more thrilling and enjoyable real-time PVP battle experience through new social systems, professional gameplay, and a new map system, making the battle process full of fun and surprises.

[Colorful Mage – Leize]

A mysterious female mage from another world, a girl with extraordinary power. Her weapon is a long staff and two short swords, and she holds a huge bow and arrow to release powerful beam attacks on enemies. Her soul – Leize, was also sealed in a sacred beetle. In order to save this lost continent world, Leize imparted her abilities to two other female companions.

In addition to the above classic elements, “Pocket Mo Yu (genuine version)” also has many exciting and interesting new works. For example: “Dark Dragon City Detective” (official translation), “Nightmare World”, “Eternal Temple”, and so on… These are all novel and exciting things waiting for everyone to discover.

Pocket Mo Yu: Youzu Network’s First Fantasy Adventure World!

In the world of “Pocket Mo Yu”, Youzu Network’s first fantasy adventure world has officially launched. In this legendary and mysterious world, what stories are waiting for players to explore? Today, let the editor-in-chief unveil the most attractive game world for everyone.

As we all know, the pets in “Pocket Mo Yu” can be directly obtained through the mall, while soul stones can be obtained through task rewards. As a MMORPG mobile game, “Pocket Mo Yu” also has a very unique existence besides pets: the “Summoner”.

In “Pocket Mo Yu”, there are various professions, and different characters have different skills, and different summoners have different effects.

Currently in the game, in addition to the melee professions such as mage, undead, and vampire, there are also warrior, lich, and psychic. Warriors and paladins are close-range physical attack professions with extremely strong physical defense abilities. Paladins lean more towards defense-oriented professions and have decent health. Psychics are long-range magic attack professions with considerable damage capabilities.

Pocket Mo Yu is a high-quality 3D turn-based mobile game based on the classic PC game Mo Yu, using the latest mobile engine rendering technology to bring the battle experience to the peak of mobile.

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