How powerful is Marco Polo in Honor of Kings? (Marco Polo’s debut, is it worth buying with money?)

How powerful is Marco Polo in Honor of Kings? (Marco Polo\’s debut, is it worth

How powerful is Marco Polo in Honor of Kings? (Marco Polo’s debut, is it worth buying with money?) Marco Polo is a very strong marksman hero in the game Honor of Kings. As one of the more powerful marksmen, how is Marco Polo’s strength in Honor of Kings?

Marco Polo

Hero Position: Marksman

Hero Characteristics: Strong mobility, versatile.

Skill Introduction

Passive Skill – Gunner’s Soul

Every 5 seconds, Marco Polo’s next three normal attacks deal physical damage (melee basic attacks deal less damage) and can trigger critical strikes.

First Skill – Roaming Bullet

Marco Polo shoots bullets in the specified direction, dealing physical damage to enemies along the path. Hitting an enemy hero increases his movement speed for a duration. The bullet can be fired up to 3 times and can store up to 5 bullets.

Second Skill – Mad Barrage

Marco Polo shoots bullets around, each bullet dealing physical damage and slowing down enemies. If an enemy is attacked multiple times within 5s, Marco Polo will increase his attack speed.

Third Skill – Fanatical Prologue

Marco Polo charges forward, dealing physical damage to targets encountered. Passive: Marco Polo’s crit rate increases by 10%, crit damage increases by 15%, and maximum HP increases by 10%. The longer Marco Polo charges, the higher his damage and movement speed (up to 100% crit rate).

In the mobile game Honor of Kings, many players don’t know much about Marco Polo’s attributes, skills, and gameplay. Below, the editor will give you some gameplay strategies for Marco Polo.

[Hero Position]

Marco Polo’s position is a marksman, but his output ability is not strong. However, he has two main features. First, his output ability is very outstanding. During battles, he can continuously use his range advantage for harassment and can quickly chase or retreat using his mobility.

[Hero Strategy]

In the early laning phase, Marco Polo needs to harass the enemy’s minions and disrupt their farming through his mobility. Marco Polo can ambush in the bushes under the tower, waiting for the enemy to appear, and use his mobility to roam. Marco Polo has a clear advantage in the early laning phase and can quickly clear the enemy’s jungle creeps.

In mid-game team fights, Marco Polo can use his mobility and movement speed to quickly move to the enemy’s side and gain a stronger fighting ability on the battlefield with his agility and mobility.

In late-game team fights, Marco Polo can continuously cut into the enemy’s camp with his agility and movement speed. In various corners of the battlefield, Marco Polo can constantly harass the opponent using the advantage of his first skill range, and can also evade enemy control skills with his high movement speed.


Overall, Marco Polo’s difficulty of operation is not high.

Marco Polo’s debut, is it worth buying with money?

Marco Polo’s debut, is it worth buying with money?

Marco Polo’s debut in Honor of Kings, is it worth buying with money?

Marksmen hero Marco Polo debuts!

Marco Polo, one of the characters in the Japanese anime “Legendary Heroes,” is a well-known original designer and game producer for “Little Li Flying Dagger.” As a marksman hero with long range and burst damage, Marco Polo has extremely high popularity in “Legendary Heroes.”

As an excellent character among the marksmen, Marco Polo can exert extremely dominant abilities on the battlefield.

In addition, Marco Polo’s ultimate can cause damage and stun to enemy heroes within the range!

From the perspective of skills and attributes, Marco Polo has a strong overall strength. However, due to its high difficulty of operation, it requires high skills to play this character well. Therefore, it is necessary for novice players to spend some gold coins.

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