Master the Way of Judgment and Become the Strongest CF Judge! (Break the Game Rules and Become the CF Judge Hidden in the Night!)

Master the Way of Judgment and Become the Strongest CF Judge! (Break the Game R

Master the Way of Judgment and Become the Strongest CF Judge! (Break the Game Rules and Become the CF Judge Hidden in the Night!) “CrossFire” is the most popular CF mobile game globally and the game with the highest number of players in China. As an FPS masterpiece, “CrossFire: Gun King” possesses strong competitiveness, operability, and fun. The Judge (also known as the Clown) is a typical role of a “judge”. Now let’s learn how to become the strongest CF Judge!The Judge (Clown) is a person who excels in sniping and superior skills. Not only can he attack targets with his handguns, heavy machine guns, and laser sights, but he can also use his unique weapon, the M4A1. As an “Executioner” level sniper rifle, its power and firing rate should not be underestimated. With his accuracy and suppression, he can easily defeat opponents. He can also use various traps, such as luring enemies to charge to their deaths or ambushing them behind cover to disrupt the opponent.To become a “Judge”, you need to have the following points:First, we know that “Judge” (abbreviated as CFM) is developed by the American Special Forces Association and produced by the world’s top sniper company, Rekton Swain. As a type of FPS mobile game, “CFM” is similar to the desktop game and has very powerful firearm combat capabilities. It can switch weapons at any time for long-range attacks, which is currently the most mainstream shooting method. Second, when operating, players must learn to control their movement direction and be familiar with the terrain and geographical features of each area of the map to better play their roles. Finally, you need to know how to flexibly use various props and skills to help you win easily!Of course, in addition to these, players should practice more. As a “Judge” (Clown), its attributes are relatively balanced, but its range and speed are slower. Moreover, it doesn’t have many advantages in close-quarters combat, so you need to be careful if you are discovered by other players. In addition, the “SMG5,” a heavy weapon that was considered very dominant after the “SS1 season,” has only 2 rounds of bullets, but its power is strong, which is one of the reasons why many players like to choose it!When the player’s equipment and level are high enough, you can experience various PVE modes such as challenge matches and demolition mode. In these levels, you can play the role of both the main battlefield “scout” and the long-range firepower output, just like a “Judge”.In summary, as a CF Judge, the operation of “CFM” is similar to the desktop game, but its understanding of the game is more profound. Players need to fully grasp these basic knowledge in order to smoothly engage in battles.

Break the Game Rules and Become the CF Judge Hidden in the Night!

CrossFire is currently the most popular shooting mobile game, with many players in both the desktop and mobile versions. The same goes for CF, as a shooting mobile game, players have a high demand for firearms. In CrossFire, there are many different weapons, but they are not easy to obtain, and there are also many artifacts hidden in the night in CF. Today, let’s talk about the Judge in the CF game!First, let’s clarify the professional position of CF Judge. The professional position of CF Judge is a combination of assault, stealth, and sniper. Among them, the assault type warrior is more popular because in team battles, the assault type warrior can maximize their advantage. During the assault, they can move quickly and quickly approach the enemy. The infiltrator needs to constantly pay attention to the surrounding situation. Once an enemy is detected, they immediately eliminate them. Snipers need to flexibly use their skills in long-range combat.Second, we need to know the advantages of CF Judge. On the battlefield, the advantages and disadvantages of CF Judge are very obvious. First is marksmanship. For beginners, the damage of sniper rifles is not high, and the firing rate is slow, so the win rate in the game is low. Second, because this profession has strong survivability, the accuracy and power of sniper rifles are very strong for some experienced players. Finally, the disadvantage of this profession is that because of its high operation difficulty, it is easily counter-killed by others. Therefore, in the game, the disadvantage of snipers is that they are easily exposed, especially when encountering experts.Overall, to become a qualified CF Judge, you need to learn how to use every gun in your hand. If you encounter experts on the battlefield, snipers are essential, after all, only with excellent skills and equipment can you defeat opponents and become a true champion.

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