The Future War, Recapture the Glory of Ezreal! (Explore the Unknown World, Fight alongside Ezreal!)

The future war, recapture the glory of Ezreal! (Explore the unknown world, fight

The future war, recapture the glory of Ezreal! (Explore the unknown world, fight alongside Ezreal!) In “Tomorrow’s Warriors”, players will play a hero named “Ashe”. In order to stop the invasion of the demon clan into the space-time, they need to complete tasks in different ways and ultimately save this civilization sealed in darkness.

When you enter the land of Ezreal, you can see a long-lost ship – “Little Devil Fleet”!

The combat power of the Little Devil Fleet is extremely powerful and can destroy enemy bases. And the power of the little devil is even more frightening. The Little Devil Fleet is composed of multiple components, and the combat power of each part has its own advantages. But when the combat power of the Little Devil Fleet reaches the highest level, it means that you will face more challenges!

When your adventure begins, it means that you will face new bosses, and your goal is to eliminate all enemies, defeat the boss, and unlock the gate to the finish line as quickly as possible.

The gameplay of the Little Devil Fleet is very diverse. In addition to the traditional single-line pushing, there are many other things to experience~ For example: new resource capture mode, new resource collection mechanism, and so on. You can get more resources here to strengthen yourself!

Of course, in “The Future War”, there are many other gameplays waiting for you~ For example: a brand new character and weapon equipment system, various combinations of professions and skills, and even a brand new story plot… all of these can be discovered in the future world.

Explore the Unknown World, Fight alongside Ezreal!

“Adventure into the Unknown World” is a multiplayer online interactive adventure mobile game, and the first game that can be explored with friends.

Exploring in the land of Ezreal is a very important thing. The land of Ezreal is full of mystery, fantasy, and horror elements! Here, you need to use various means to find treasures, unravel the mist, and find the final boss!

[Open a new gameplay]

Players can click on the “Challenge” button in the left function bar on the main interface of the game to enter the challenge mode! The challenge mode is divided into three types: normal, difficult, and nightmare. Each mode can be challenged once a day!

After passing, players can choose a difficulty to enter the next level of adventure!

[Battle Gameplay]

In “Adventure into the Unknown World”, players will embark on a thrilling adventure with their friends. In battle, players will randomly encounter various powerful monsters and bosses. Of course, you can also invite friends to form a team!

Before entering the instance, players can view their own attributes and combat power. In the instance, players can control the character’s movement and attack direction by clicking the button on the left side of the screen. During the battle, players can switch the order of skill release by long-pressing the screen; at the same time, players can also release ultimate skills in battle to win!

In the instance, players will encounter different small monsters, and they will actively attack you. Players can also increase their health and defense by using potions and equipment. After the battle is over, players can also get rich rewards.

[Collecting Props]

In “Adventure into the Unknown World”, players can not only experience a rich and diverse world view, but also obtain various weapons, props, and costumes!

After collecting enough props, players can go to the land of Ezreal to collect various rare items and make themselves stronger!

[Embark on a new journey in the dimensional journey]

Players can start a new chapter – “Journey to the Other Dimension” after reaching level 25. In the new chapter, there will be a lot of surprises waiting for everyone~

[New Map]

In this update, “Journey to the Other Dimension” has added a new scene: the land of Ezreal, which has a huge city of darkness, endless abyss, and various devil’s territories and enemies!

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