Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms: Why is He a Key Player in War? (Unveiling the Hidden Truth behind Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms)

In the game Dream Three Kingdoms, Liu Shan is a new hero. As a mage hero, he has

In the game Dream Three Kingdoms, Liu Shan is a new hero. As a mage hero, he has high damage and certain control abilities. Although Liu Shan is a warrior-type hero, he is easily at a disadvantage because he lacks strong displacement skills and shield abilities. However, Liu Shan is still a favorite hero for many players. Today, let’s analyze why Liu Shan has become a key player in war in Dream Three Kingdoms.

In the game, Liu Shan is a warrior hero with high burst damage, and his ultimate skill can instantly kill enemies. However, his biggest drawback is that he cannot change his walking route through his own operations, and his skill cooldown is very fast. Therefore, when using his skills, it is necessary to be very careful and not use his double jump skill easily.

In the early game, Liu Shan’s skill release frequency is relatively low, so it is recommended not to use his ultimate skill in the early game. Because the range of the ultimate skill is very small, if it is used in the early game, it will cause a lot of damage to himself. Moreover, the cooldown of the ultimate skill is very long in the midgame, so if it cannot be released in time, it will be counterattacked by the enemy, which can easily result in the failure of team fights. Therefore, before using this ultimate skill, we need to practice more.

In the midgame, Liu Shan’s damage is still very explosive, so it is important to use his ultimate skill well in the midgame. It is best to cooperate with teammates in the midgame, so that Liu Shan can play a great role in team fights.

As a melee hero, Liu Shan actually does not have many flaws in the game. As long as players practice more, Liu Shan in the late game is definitely an unbeatable presence. Moreover, he also has an important role in team fights in the late game, so Liu Shan is very useful in the game.

(Unveiling the Hidden Truth behind Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms)

In Dream Three Kingdoms, a classic MOBA mobile game, it is believed that many players really like the hero Liu Shan! So what are the exceptional features of Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms? What secrets is he hiding? Today, the editor will unveil the hidden truth behind Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms, hoping to help everyone!

1. Background Story Introduction1. Liu Bei, the “Commander” of Shu Kingdom: The main general of Shu Kingdom, has extremely powerful team fight strength!2. Sun Quan: “I am the number one strategist in the world!”3. Guan Yu: “We are all bystanders!”4. Zhao Yun: “I am here to help you reclaim the legacy of that man.”5. Zhang Fei: “Am I just one of my subordinates?”6. Huang Zhong: “I am also one of our subordinates!”7. “I am also an assassin!”8. Liu Shan: “Don’t cook?”9. Zhou Tai: “Yeah! No!”2. Skill Analysis1. Ultimate Skill [Heavenly Collapse]Liu Shan swings his double axes to attack surrounding enemies and causes continuous damage.Skill Analysis:1. Liu Shan swings his axes to deal area damage and slows down the targets.2. Liu Shan charges forward, dealing damage to all units in his path.3. Ultimate Skill [Dragon Soul Annihilation]Swings his double knives to attack nearby enemy units, reducing their movement and attack speed.Analysis:This skill is a large-scale control skill and also reduces the enemy’s speed.2. Skill [Fearless Charge Slash]After charging, swings out a shockwave that knocks back and damages enemies.Skill Analysis:This skill is a displacement skill and can cause a lot of damage, but it requires good prediction ability. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the position to release in order to hit the target, and this skill can cause a lot of damage.3. Skill [Overlord Holding Ding Hammer]Liu Shan summons giant rocks to smash the ground, causing damage to enemy units in the area every 0.5 seconds.Skill Analysis:This skill is a range control skill that can cause damage and also reduce the enemy’s movement and attack speed. However, it requires the prediction of the release position.3. Lineup Matchup1. Liu Shan’s positioning is melee burst damage. It is recommended to team up with heroes like Sun Shangxiang and Ma Liang. Ma Liang’s skills can both control and deal damage.2. Liu Shan’s equipment strategy is leaning towards being tanky, so it is recommended to have a semi-tank build. In the early game, Liu Shan’s survival ability is not high. If you want to have a sustained fight in the late game, you can choose a semi-tank build.Above is the relevant introduction about the hidden truth behind Liu Shan in Dream Three Kingdoms. After reading, players should know what hidden truth this hero has!

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