How to Choose the Best Soul Solution for Mama Shara? (Undeniable Soul Recommendation Strategy for Mama Shara)

How to choose the best soul solution for Mama Shara? (Undeniable soul recommend

How to choose the best soul solution for Mama Shara? (Undeniable soul recommendation strategy for Mama Shara) I believe many players are not very clear about this. Next, I will introduce how to choose the best soul solution for Mama Shara? (Undeniable soul recommendation strategy for Mama Shara), interested players can come and learn.

In this game, players will encounter various problems, which are the most concerned issues for players. Here, I will briefly mention two solutions:

The first one is the recommended faction: Rampage Loli + Mad Blade Kiyohime + Great Yamataro (not recommended).

Advantages: Rampage Loli can increase her own attack speed, Mad Blade Kiyohime can increase the critical damage of the berserker, and Great Yamataro can increase his own attack power.

Disadvantages: Mad Blade Kiyohime needs to charge her skills to release them, and the charging time is long. So for novice players, Rampage Loli is a very good choice. If the player is a big spender, they can choose Great Yamataro as the main output. If they are a casual player, they can use Rampage Loli, after all, she is also a strong soul.

The second recommended faction: Shinra Chidori + Shura Swordsman + Fairy Archer.

Advantages: Can increase their own critical strike rate, Shura Swordsman can improve critical strike rate and attack power, and Fairy Archer can increase attack power. These two souls are very worthy of cultivation for casual players. However, because there is not much operational skill involved, I still recommend choosing Shura Swordsman, because Shura Swordsman has a faster attack speed and good attack power. If the player likes high burst damage, they can choose this soul.

Disadvantages: Shura Swordsman’s attack speed is relatively slow, so players should choose according to their actual situation. If you want to pursue more violence, choose Mokumoka, if you want to pursue higher burst damage, use Mokumoka, if you want to pursue survival, choose Shura.

Above is the best soul solution introduction for Mama Shara in “Mama Shara”.

Undeniable Soul Recommendation Strategy for Mama Shara

The matching of souls for Mama Shara is a very important matter. Good soul matching can allow players to have strong output ability in battles. However, if the soul matching is not good, character passive skills will be brought out. Therefore, players must understand the matching of some souls for Mama Shara in order to fully unleash Mama Shara’s potential.

The matching of some souls for Mama Shara is not completely fixed, because there are mutual restraint relationships between different souls. For example, the wood attribute weapon is “Fire Sword” and the wood attribute weapon is “Thunder Hammer”, so there is still some difficulty in matching them.

First, let’s talk about the bonus effects of souls. The souls in Mama Shara have various effects, such as the “Fury” effect which increases damage, the “Heaven Soar” effect which increases critical strike rate, and the “Explosion Damage”, “Hit Rate”, and “Dodge”, all of which can be stacked. So when matching souls, everyone can choose the matching of souls according to the positioning of their own characters, so that the strength in battles will also be improved!

Of course, souls also have a very important function, that is “Lock”! Locking pulls the monsters to your front and then attacks, which greatly improves the survivability of characters! However, there is a certain cooldown time for this lock. In other words, if you accidentally click lock, you will continue to be attacked by enemies. So everyone must pay attention.

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