Analysis of Zed’s Skills, helping you become the ultimate game dominator (Unveiling Zed’s hidden tricks, allowing you to easily kill opponents)

Analyzing Zed\’s Skills1. Razor Burst:Release a sword energy towards the target

Analyzing Zed’s Skills

1. Razor Burst:

Release a sword energy towards the target area, dealing 100% damage and stunning for 1 second. Cooldown: 18s. Cast range: 800m.

2. Thunderous Wave:

Launch 5 energy balls towards enemies, each dealing 120% damage. Cooldown: 8s. Cast range: 800m.

3. Furious Wrath:

Charge forward, dealing 120% damage to targets along the way and stunning them for 1 second. Cooldown: 18s. Cast range: 600m.

4. Whirlwind Slash:

Leap up and swing multiple sword energies in a fan-shaped area, each dealing 110% damage. Cooldown: 15s. Cast range: 400m.

5. Death Requiem:

Rotate in place, dealing 150% damage to surrounding enemies and silencing them for 1 second. Cooldown: 16s. Cast range: 900m.

6. Lightning Radiance:

Shoot three arcs of lightning beams forward, each dealing 130% damage and pushing the targets back. Cooldown: 20s. Cast range: 700m.

7. Gale Slash:

Quickly move to the designated location and strike nearby targets three times, each hit dealing 70% physical damage. Cooldown: 12s. Cast range: 700m.

8. Meteor Dance:

Summon countless meteors to descend from the sky, each causing 120% damage and knocking back enemies. Cooldown: 25s. Cast range: 300m.

9. Frost Shield:

Create a protective shield that absorbs damage for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 10s. Cast range: 350m.

Unveiling Zed’s hidden tricks, allowing you to easily kill opponents

In the game, Zed is an ADC with extremely long range and burst damage, but it also has a high learning curve. Although Zed has strong burst damage, its weaknesses are also very obvious.

Firstly, Zed’s disadvantage in attack speed makes it difficult for her to approach enemies like most ADCs. Therefore, she needs to constantly pay attention to her positioning and be ready to use her invisibility buff to ensure her own safety during laning phase. At the same time, Zed’s skill cooldowns are long, so she needs to avoid enemy control as much as possible and avoid being caught and killed by the opponent.

Secondly, when facing ranged heroes and mages, Zed needs to pay attention to her positioning and orb walking, not wasting her mobility unnecessarily.

Lastly, when Zed is dueling against spell-casting heroes, she needs to always be aware of her positioning and not miss the best opportunity due to her passive ability.

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