Unprecedented! Explore the mystery of the Puppet Rank in Doupo Cangqiong (Invincible Puppets! Create an unbeatable Doupo Cangqiong team)

Unprecedented! Explore the mystery of the Puppet Rank in Doupo Cangqiong (Invin

Unprecedented! Explore the mystery of the Puppet Rank in Doupo Cangqiong (Invincible Puppets! Create an unbeatable Doupo Cangqiong team). In the mobile game “Doupo Cangqiong,” puppets are the most important helpers for players in the game, and players can obtain the puppets they want through various means. Today, the editor will introduce the strategy of puppet ranks in the game to everyone.

1. Obtaining Puppets

In the “Douqi” gameplay of the mobile game “Unprecedented,” players can obtain a large number of puppet fragments by killing monsters, completing quests, and defeating bosses, and then combine them to form puppets.

2. Upgrading Puppets

In the “Douqi” system of the mobile game “Unprecedented,” each player can bring three different puppets into battle, and different puppets can increase certain attributes for the protagonist.

3. Leveling up Puppets

Players can consume “元宝” in the “Douqi” interface to upgrade the level of their puppets.

4. Enhancing Puppet Stars

In the “Douqi” interface, players can consume a certain number of fragments to upgrade the activated puppets’ stars. After the upgrade, the basic attributes can increase, and special skills can be activated.

5. Cultivating Puppet Ranks

In the “Douqi” system, players can cultivate puppets of different qualities through different cultivation methods, making the puppets more powerful.

Above are all the content about the “Douqi” system in “Doupo Cangqiong.” I hope it can help everyone!

Invincible Puppets! Create an unbeatable Doupo Cangqiong team

“Doupo Cangqiong” is a large-scale 3D role-playing mobile online game developed by Perfect World Games. This work not only has a very good restoration in terms of graphics and gameplay, but also its original “Team” system has attracted a large number of players’ attention. The team system in “Doupo Cangqiong” is a team battle gameplay mode, and players can form a team on their own. In the team, players can recruit partners to fight together. In the game, players can also build their own teams to make their teams stronger.

The team is the most distinctive gameplay in Doupo Cangqiong. In the game, players can engage in PVP battles with other players by forming teams. Players can form a team of up to 5 people. When forming a team, they need to consume a certain amount of spirit coins or money. Different professions can be selected when forming a team. Each character in the team has their own skills and attributes, and each character has their own exclusive talent. Each team can have up to two team members, and the captain can increase the team members’ attributes such as HP, defense, and attack. Team members can enhance their own attributes by consuming magic crystals or “元宝.” When the captain’s attributes reach the maximum value, members of the team can gain certain enhancement effects.

The combat effectiveness of the team is closely related to the individual strength of the player. If the team’s combat power is weaker than oneself, it will be difficult to win. Therefore, when creating a team, players should try to cultivate the characters they like as much as possible to make the team stronger.

Above is the gameplay introduction of the team system in Doupo Cangqiong by the editor. For more exciting content, stay tuned.

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