Baidu TanTan: Explore new territories, play competitive shooting easily and smoothly (Leading-edge striking sensation! Baidu TanTan brings a brand new gaming experience)

Baidu TanTan: Explore new territories, play competitive shooting easily and smo

Baidu TanTan: Explore new territories, play competitive shooting easily and smoothly (Leading-edge striking sensation! Baidu TanTan brings a brand new gaming experience) “Baidu TanTan” is a 3D shooting game developed by Tencent, featuring strategic and competitive gameplay. As a mobile game focused on competitive gameplay, “Baidu TanTan” adds a new “competitive shooting” gameplay to the existing PVE gameplay, allowing players to enjoy various contents in competitive shooting mode.

[Competitive Shooting]

As the name suggests, competitive mode is a PVP gameplay; in “Baidu TanTan”, players can participate in PK competitions and challenge bosses with other players, earning abundant rewards. “Baidu TanTan” offers rich PVE gameplay and boss challenge gameplay for players to experience, and also introduces “casual matches”. Players can participate in various fun activities such as “Endless Trial” and “Lucky Star” in the casual matches, and earn rich rewards through participating in “entertainment and casual events” in the game. In casual matches, players need to compete against each other and constantly launch attacks against opponents. When challenging bosses, players need to continuously improve their skills, and challenge other players through various techniques, tricks, and positioning. After successful challenges, players can not only receive abundant rewards but also win rankings.

In the new “competitive shooting” gameplay, players will face bosses from different servers with different themes. Players can choose weapons that suit their own style and combine them; they can also choose to challenge bosses with higher difficulty. During the challenge, players can use weapon skills and pet items in combination, and adjust the shooting order by adjusting different items, in order to achieve victory.

[New version brings comprehensive upgrade of benefits]

This update provides rich and diverse content. In addition to rich PVE gameplay, “Digimon”, “Bloody Street Fighter”, “Super Marathon”, and “Massive Gifts” (a total of 20) have also been fully optimized! In this update, various activity rewards will be added to the game. In addition, the new version also includes “National Gun King”, “Crazy Panda”, “Supercar Cool Fight”, “Minecraft”, “Naruto”, “DotA Legends”, and “Dragon’s Secret Treasure”.

In addition, “TanTan Era” and “Adventure Diary” (a total of 7), a new mall (including pet pearls), new characters, and “Black Cat Detective” are also available. In addition, the official website has specially launched a large number of time-limited exciting activities. Players can receive “Magic Crystals” for free as long as they reach the corresponding levels, and exchange pet fragments, equipment fragments, enhancement stones, gold coins, and more in the exchange store.

Leading-edge striking sensation! Baidu TanTan brings a brand new gaming experience

TanTan, created by Baidu’s mobile gaming company, has been well received by many players since its launch. With the recent “leading-edge striking sensation”, “Baidu TanTan” has also undergone a major upgrade, making it more lively and interesting to join the “TanTan Mobile Game” and bring users a richer and brand new gaming experience.

[Ultimate striking pleasure! Stunning skills]

“TanTan Mobile Game” is an action casual mobile game. Its core gameplay is “battle striking”. Players can deal high damage while causing continuous dizziness to enemies through touchscreen operations. The “ultimate move” released by tapping the screen can provide players with super visual impact. “Ultimate move: Wrath of Thunder”. This divine weapon not only has a gorgeous appearance, powerful skill effects but also strong attribute advantages.

[Leading-edge striking sensation!]

In the previous version, this “TanTan Mobile Game” has already made a splash. However, due to its high difficulty, players can only enjoy the purest feeling in the game in two ways: 1. Playing on mobile phones. 2. Using an Android emulator on the computer. For some new and old players, they are not satisfied with these two methods. Therefore, today we will introduce a brand new gaming experience – “leading-edge striking sensation”!

[Different gameplay, different experience!]

“QQ TanTan Mobile Game” (Bilibili) is a TanTan game based on PC operation. The game adopts a turn-based strategy combat mode, where players can manipulate various weapons for attack, assist aiming, and more. At the same time, it also incorporates a multiplayer real-time competitive system, allowing players to invite friends to team up to challenge dungeon bosses and receive abundant rewards. In addition, the game has added new social elements such as rankings and chat systems, where players can interact and communicate with like-minded friends. Furthermore, the game has further improved the visual quality, transforming from traditional 3D shooting into a 360-degree all-around realistic shooting. In battle, players can use various items to attack opponents and even use skills to attack selected positions.

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