Analysis of the Fresh Gameplay of Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven: Exploring the Symbolic Ghost Feeding System! (Double the Fun! Comprehensive Unlocking Guide to Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven Symbolic Ghost System!)

Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven introduces a new system called the Symbolic

Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven introduces a new system called the Symbolic Ghost Feeding System, which appears in various gameplay modes. However, some beginners may not be familiar with this new feature. Here, the author will introduce the Symbolic Ghost System in Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven!The Symbolic Ghost Feeding System is a unique system in the game that allows players to enhance the attributes of their pets through feeding. Feeding requires a certain amount of spiritual essence and copper coins. Spiritual essence can be obtained through daily tasks, dungeons, and other means, while copper coins can be obtained through check-ins, shops, and other methods.Players can choose a symbolic ghost that suits their character and feed it to make them more powerful. Additionally, as the star rating increases, the pet will have a cooler new appearance.[Symbolic Ghost Skills]Symbolic Ghost skills provide different attribute bonuses to the owner based on their type and quality. When a symbolic ghost’s skills reach a certain rank, they will unlock unique passive abilities: – One active skill, with a maximum of two passive skills that can be learned by each symbolic ghost.- Two active skills, with each symbolic ghost being able to choose two skills, corresponding to three attributes and enhancing the combat power of characters, partners, and deities.- Symbolic Ghost skills are divided into primary and advanced qualities.- Primary skills serve as the foundational attributes for symbolic ghosts. They start at level 0 and gain experience each time they are fed, reaching level 10. They can be upgraded by devouring other symbolic ghosts.- Upgrading primary skills requires the use of cards, essence, fragments, and soul crystals, which can be obtained through elite stages, shops, alchemy pots, etc.- Advanced skills refer to the advanced gameplay of symbolic ghosts. The evolution of symbolic ghosts not only requires the consumption of their essence but also the consumption of the symbolic ghost itself and corresponding materials. After evolution, symbolic ghosts undergo a qualitative change and gain higher growth potential. When the aptitude and growth rate of a symbolic ghost reach a certain level, additional passive skill effects will be unlocked.[Symbolic Ghost Cultivation]In addition to feeding, players can also use “spiritual essence” to enhance the various attributes of symbolic ghosts, further improving their combat power. The attributes include health, attack, physical defense, magic defense, and critical resistance. The aptitude of symbolic ghosts determines their growth direction, while their level determines the limit of their growth. Each level up increases the number of passive skills they can acquire. The higher the level of the symbolic ghost, the more passive skills it can learn. Therefore, players must carefully manage each cultivation node.[Unlocking Guide to Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven Symbolic Ghost System for Double the Fun!]Since the open beta, Xuan Yuan Sword: The Scar of Heaven has been loved by players, and many have asked the author questions about the symbolic ghost system. Let’s talk about it below!When the character reaches level 15 and unlocks the symbolic ghost feature, players can enter the “Spirit Vein” gameplay page in the game interface and click the “Summon” button to enter the summoning interface and summon a random symbolic ghost.Players can choose symbolic ghosts that are suitable for their own lineup according to their preferences.When players meet certain conditions, they can click the “Upgrade” button at the bottom of the screen to level up their symbolic ghosts.The level limit of symbolic ghosts is restricted by the hero’s level.Clicking “Promotion” in the symbolic ghost interface allows players to view the attributes of the activated symbolic ghosts and their growth values.When the hero reaches level 30, players can use the “Spirit Jade” item to promote existing symbolic ghosts. After the promotion, the attributes of the symbolic ghost will be comprehensively improved.Symbolic Ghost Skills and Aptitude:After obtaining a symbolic ghost, players can use “Essence Stone” and “Soul Crystal” to “refine aptitude” for activated symbolic ghosts.Players can click on the activated symbolic ghost in the aptitude interface and perform “aptitude remolding”.After each refinement, players need to wait for a certain amount of time before they can refine again.Players can “mutate” undiscovered symbolic ghosts.After a successful mutation, the original initial aptitude will be converted into corresponding types of spiritual essence in a certain proportion. If the mutation fails, the original aptitude and spiritual essence will be retained (players can use spiritual essence to reset if they are unsatisfied with the activated symbolic ghost).After mutation, the quality will change from White-Green, Blue-Purple, to Orange-Godly in increasing order.The aptitude and spiritual essence obtained after mutation will not disappear, and the symbolic ghost will obtain a new mutated form.

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