Amazing Strategy for Jiao Tu Soul Promotion! (In-depth Analysis of the Essential Soul Combination for Yin Yang Master Jiao Tu and Creating an Invincible Lineup Cheat Sheet!)

Jiao Tu Soul Promotion! Instantly boost combat power with this powerful strategy

Jiao Tu Soul Promotion! Instantly boost combat power with this powerful strategy. (In-depth analysis of the essential soul combination for Yin Yang Master Jiao Tu, creating a cheat sheet to build an invincible lineup!) Jiao Tu is a very popular support shikigami in Yin Yang Master because of its strong healing skill. However, many players do not know how to build a lineup to fully unleash its power. Today, I will bring you a detailed guide on Jiao Tu’s soul promotion in the “Yin Yang Master” mobile game, hoping it will be helpful to everyone.

As we all know, there are many support characters in the game, but Jiao Tu is an indispensable presence.

As an R-grade character, Jiao Tu’s healing ability is relatively weak in the early game.

But as the game progresses, Jiao Tu’s role will gradually become apparent, and with Jiao Tu’s growth, its healing ability will undergo a qualitative change.

In the game, Jiao Tu is positioned as a support character and can heal teammates, making it a very versatile character.

In the game, Jiao Tu’s support ability is relatively strong. Although its attack power is weak, its passive skill can restore the HP of all friendly units.

At the same time, when connected to Jiao Tu, if a teammate is under control, Jiao Tu can also gain a shield.

Therefore, to develop this support character, the first thing is to ensure its own HP.

In choosing souls, we recommend choosing “Fortune Cat” and “Fire Spirit” souls. Fortune Cat increases the number of ghost fires, making them more abundant.

Fire Spirit, on the other hand, can make ghost fires even more abundant, so when Jiao Tu’s HP is low, you can quickly restore ghost fires using Fire Spirit’s skill, allowing your shikigami to deal multiple damage outputs.

Of course, if you don’t have Fortune Cat, you can also use other defensive souls as substitutes.

Above is the detailed content of the guide on Jiao Tu’s soul promotion in the “Yin Yang Master” mobile game. I hope you all like it~

In-depth Analysis of the Essential Soul Combination for Yin Yang Master Jiao Tu, Creating a Cheat Sheet for Building an Invincible Lineup!

Jiao Tu is an SSR-grade support shikigami in the Yin Yang Master game. Although her support abilities are excellent, her skills need teammates to act in order to trigger. Therefore, her role in the team is not significant. Today, I will introduce in detail the soul combination for Jiao Tu, and friends who are interested may learn from it!

First of all, in the attribute panel, Jiao Tu’s HP and defense are S, which performs well in the arena. In addition, because of her passive skill, as long as Jiao Tu takes action, she can immediately let her teammates use their skills, which means that as long as Jiao Tu is on the field, her teammates can have unlimited basic attacks.

The combination of HP and defense can allow Jiao Tu to have a higher survival rate in battles. When Jiao Tu takes action, if her teammates’ HP is lower than Jiao Tu’s HP, then Jiao Tu can receive an additional 10% damage reduction. Therefore, in choosing souls, we recommend choosing the HP, defense, and effect resistance sets.

In terms of speed and HP attribute bonuses, Jiao Tu belongs to the type with high HP, low speed, and fast action. In battles, she will be able to use her ultimate skill faster than most shikigami, ensuring that the shikigami in the team can quickly establish a rhythm. Moreover, Jiao Tu herself also has certain control abilities, so she can be paired with some control-type shikigami to control the enemy. For example, control-type shikigami such as Yao Qinshi, Bing Yong, and Meng Po can be used with this soul.

Jiao Tu’s position in the team is very important. In addition to being a powerful support shikigami, she can also act as a half tank and half damage dealer. Therefore, the soul combination for Jiao Tu can consider: 4-piece Soul of Zhen + 4-piece Soul of Needle Girl, or other attack-type sets can also be considered.

In addition to the above soul combination, in terms of combination, you can also try other ways:

1. 4-piece Fortune Cat + 2-piece Fire Spirit

The 4-piece Fortune Cat set allows Jiao Tu to start the battle with 2 ghost fires, allowing Jiao Tu to use her skills frequently and increasing the amount of ghost fires obtained by teammates. The 2-piece Fire Spirit set makes Jiao Tu’s action bar faster, triggering more skills, and improving the overall combat ability of the team.

2. 4-piece Sea Sprite + 2-piece Fire Spirit

Sea Sprite provides an effect of being immune to control and the shield it provides can protect oneself from easily being killed when facing multiple damage, thus protecting one’s teammates. In addition, Sea Sprite can also increase the defense of all friendly units by 20%, further enhancing the endurance of friendly shikigami and healing-type shikigami.

3. 4-piece Enchanting + 2-piece Sea Sprite

Enchanting can reduce the target’s accuracy and speed, apply a slow or silence effect to the target before Jiao Tu acts, and cause continuous damage, thereby enhancing the overall combat ability of friendly shikigami. In addition, the attribute of Enchanting prevents the opponent from counterattacking after being charmed. At the same time, due to the set effect of Enchanting, it can effectively restrain the ability of control-type shikigami to act, thereby making the overall frontline of oneself more stable and disrupting the opponent’s rhythm, making it difficult for the opponent to play a role.

The above is an in-depth analysis of the essential soul combination for Yin Yang Master Jiao Tu, creating a cheat sheet for building an invincible lineup!

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