Attack Fist World, Feel the Perfect Kill! (Set Sail from the Fist Official Website and Explore Endless Gaming Fun!)

Become Attack Fist World, Feel the Perfect Kill! (Set Sail from the Fist Officia

Become Attack Fist World, Feel the Perfect Kill! (Set Sail from the Fist Official Website and Explore Endless Gaming Fun!) “Attack Fist World” is a card game that combines multiple gameplay styles. Players need to collect various powerful heroes and team up with other players to challenge, and through continuous levels, they can ultimately obtain higher rewards. Players can choose their favorite lineup and build their own team. In matches such as the Fist King Championship and the Ladder Championship, players can also use collected gold and diamonds to purchase equipment and items.

Fist King Championship

As a game with fighting as its core combat mode, “Attack Fist World” has a very diverse gameplay. Players will be able to obtain a large number of rewards in different matches. In addition to regular dungeon battles, there are also ranked matches and peak duels. Players can adjust their team lineup according to their own strength and the situation of their opponents.

Fist King Championship

In addition to regular dungeon battles, there are three other gameplay modes: the arena, casual matches, and endless tower. Players can win corresponding scores by challenging enemies of different levels and win corresponding chest rewards. Players have 5 free challenge opportunities per day.

Casual Matches

The gameplay of casual matches is similar to that of regular dungeon battles. In addition to regular dungeon battles, the game also has many special systems, such as daily sign-in rewards. Rewards can be claimed by logging in daily. Players can challenge 10 opponents every day, and after victory, they can not only obtain a large amount of experience points but also receive a large amount of gold rewards.

Endless Tower

Endless Tower is a very classic gameplay in the Fist King World. Players can obtain gold and equipment rewards by challenging the endless tower. There are a total of 100 levels in the endless tower, and players can continuously improve their attributes in the tower and challenge higher-level towers. In the endless tower, players can constantly challenge themselves and constantly surpass themselves.

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Set Sail from the Fist Official Website and Explore Endless Gaming Fun!

“Fist” is a mobile game developed by Beijing Zhanlin Interactive, a Korean online game company, based on the classic fighting in mainland China.

This first street arcade boxing mobile game, which is distributed and published by the well-known domestic developer “Tian Zhi Hen” and exclusively operated by Tencent, has been loved and sought after by countless players.

Set sail from the official website and explore the endless fun of the game!

The Fist King World is full of countless hot-blooded opponents and fighting comrades who refuse to lose; there is a group of people who love martial arts and strength. Here, we can experience various fighting styles and passions, and enjoy an exciting PK showdown; here, we can feel the spirit of competition from different eras.

Come to the most realistic action fighting, there are many exciting places here, such as the close-range combo; you can also experience the intense battle between fists and feet; even the cool skills on the fists, each set requires continuous practice to achieve the final victory! There are unlimited possibilities here, no restrictions, only stronger power.

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